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  1. EggCreatorGaming

    Entertainment Channel Funny Corona-Related Sketches and David Dobrik-style Vlogs!

    Good trending topic to start with! All the best!
  2. EggCreatorGaming

    Lifestyle Channel GREAT TO BE HERE

    Welcome to a great forum, all the best!
  3. EggCreatorGaming

    Community Apps for Thumbnails

    Yes, go to canva.com you have to register and you are able to chose the free version, try google to see how to use it, it's very easy, best of luck!
  4. EggCreatorGaming

    Need Advice Playlist or Separate Channel

    The wise youtubers are saying that you should think from your subcribers point of view: what do they want to see? I presume this is they key to the success...best of luck!
  5. EggCreatorGaming

    YouTube Opinion Do you feel any regrets becoming a youtuber?

    I wish I have started 10 years ago
  6. EggCreatorGaming

    YouTube Tips How to take advantage of Trending Topics on Twitter for YouTube

    I would be so grateful if somebody is able to explain this for a proper rookie as I am on twitter...
  7. EggCreatorGaming

    YouTube Question Playlists To Grow Channel

    What a good topic, now I am trying to process the playlist name, I had no idea you can rank in search with the playlist name!
  8. EggCreatorGaming

    Video Review How can I make this video more engaging to get more audience retention?

    In my honest rookie opion it's that you should have started with the speech....the first 55 seconds I know it's about the picture, video quality but I would have liked to see you speak first, otherwise a great quality video, keep up the good work!
  9. EggCreatorGaming

    TubeBuddy Tips The power of TubeBuddy and keyword research

    Dan, you're a seo genius, great examples!
  10. EggCreatorGaming

    YouTube Help Doubled (and recently even quadrupled) videos in playlists

    It is a real issue, I have the same problem, many times I am posting one video and it appears twice in my playlist, I am trying to delete one as soon as possible, try to keep an eye on your playlist after posting another video, I hope this helps
  11. EggCreatorGaming

    YouTube Help channel translations

    Happened to me as well, several times actually, you have to change the language to English UK from you channel settings, I had to clear cookies and cache and the language changed to Enlish US, I hope this helps
  12. EggCreatorGaming

    TubeBuddy Why no viwes on my video

    It depends on so many factors: are your subscribers active? Are they interested on your topics? Is there enough search volume for your targeted keyword? Are your thumbnails generating a good click through rate? The list could go on...Don't worry about others, they might have more subscribers...
  13. EggCreatorGaming

    YouTube Question Why do i get more views on Facebook compared to when post on YouTube?

    I don't know if I am right but I have to disagree, all the views coming from facebook are registered to youtube and they are very accurate, you just have to post the youtube link on the Facebook post, I hope this helps...Some of my videos have a 40% traffic from Facebook
  14. EggCreatorGaming

    YouTube Help Subcriber

    Unfortunately there isn't a standard approach, it depends on so many factors, most of the people are recommending to ask people to subscribe at least twice in the videos, you have to post at least once per week, to make sure the titles, descriptions, tags are discoverable, it's not an easy...
  15. EggCreatorGaming

    YouTube Help How to automatically set my videos to play in HD

    Hello, I am not sure I am posting in the right place but I am struggling to find out how can I set my YouTube videos to be played automatically in HD by default for each viewer, at the moment they are playing in SD and the quality it's really poor. Thank you!
  16. EggCreatorGaming

    Need Advice why do people recommend having 140 vids published before worring about stuff

    Good question, I am following this post as I would like to know as well!
  17. EggCreatorGaming

    Channel Review I could use some feedback on my gaming channel

    I double checked your titles on my pc and they are very consistent! You are ranking high as well, keep up the good work!
  18. EggCreatorGaming

    Channel Review I could use some feedback on my gaming channel

    I Do like your commentary, it's really good, I am not too sure about the titles, they are too long, I am not sure how they are ranking, I will check later as I am on my phone at the moment, as a small youtuber as I've heard you have to be consistent and keep on uploading, trying to rank for...