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  1. JJisawesome25698

    Thumbnail Feedback How could I make this thumbnail better?

    hey guys! I was wondering if there is any way that I could make my thumbnail better. It is for the fortnite galactus event in a few days. Thanks!
  2. JJisawesome25698

    Thumbnail Feedback What do you guys think of this thumbnail for my stream?

    I’ve been trying to make the perfect thumbnail for my Fortnite streams for a while, but I couldn’t get it right. What do you guys think of this thumbnail that I made? The file is too large so I uploaded it to imgur. View: https://imgur.com/a/algV4gA
  3. JJisawesome25698

    Thumbnail Feedback Updated thumbnail

    Hey guys I posted here a couple weeks ago asking for thumbnail feedback. Using that feedback, I updated the thumbnail. Is there anything else I could do to improve it? Thanks :)
  4. JJisawesome25698

    Thumbnail Feedback Does this thumbnail catch your attention?

    Hey guys I wanted to know if this thumbnail catches your attention. Also, is there anything that I could change to make it better? Finally, I want to know whether you guys prefer the thumbnail with the character outlined or the thumbnail where the character has no outline. Thanks!
  5. JJisawesome25698

    YouTube Tips Getting my next couple subscribers

    Hey guys, So I’ve worked pretty hard on my channel, and I’m hovering around 94/95 subscribers. Is there any advice that you guys can give me to help me reach the 100 subscribers milestone? My progress is relatively slow. Thanks guys!
  6. JJisawesome25698

    Subscriber Milestone 95 subscribers!

    Hey guys! Nearly 6 years after starting my YouTube channel, I’ve finally got 95 subscribers! Hopefully I can reach soon!
  7. JJisawesome25698

    Thumbnail Feedback What are your thoughts on this thumbnail?

    Hey so here is my thumbnail for my latest fortnite video, on the new limited time mode Operation:Knockout. I was wondering if you guys could help me with improvements? Thanks in advance!
  8. JJisawesome25698

    Forum News 4 Years of Forums Giveaway!

    My favourite TubeBuddy tool is definitely keyword explorer. It is much easier to use than other ways of finding keywords, and it saves time. I even managed to finally hit 1000 views on a video using the keywords that I found!
  9. JJisawesome25698

    YouTube Question How can I be more consistent on youtube?

    No I’m not. That’s a paid feature right? I’m considering upgrading but I’m not sure if it’s worth it.
  10. JJisawesome25698

    YouTube Question How can I be more consistent on youtube?

    Hey guys, So my main struggle right now on YouTube is being consistent. I guess the reason that I am not consistent is because I want my videos to be the best that they can be, which often means doing a lot of takes. I want to be doing weekly uploads. Does anybody have any strategies to help me...
  11. JJisawesome25698

    Subscriber Milestone 90 subscribers!

    Finally at 90! On them way to 100 soon!
  12. JJisawesome25698

    Channel Milestone 800 views!

    A couple of months ago I made an Overwatch tutorial last minute because I didn’t know what else to do. That video now has 800 views, and I rank number one in search for “How to super jump easy”!
  13. JJisawesome25698

    YouTube Question What else could I do for live stream SEO?

    Hey guys, I have been finding keywords using TubeBuddy, so that I can optimise my streams around them. I’ve made myself a list of keywords that are rated very good. I’ve been using these keywords in my titles, descriptions and tags, but it doesn’t seem to have made a noticeable difference. Are...
  14. JJisawesome25698

    Thumbnail Feedback What do you think of my updated thumbnail?

    I made another thumbnail as the other one wasn't great. Thoughts on this thumbnail? View: https://imgur.com/a/z2dgxZY
  15. JJisawesome25698

    Thumbnail Feedback What could I do to improve this thumbnail?

    Something about this thumbnail doesn't look right to me, can somebody help me improve it. Thank you!
  16. JJisawesome25698

    Community What do you use to create your YouTube Thumbnails?

    I use GIMP and it's absolutely fine! I find it does everything I need it to do.