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  1. TanookiAlex

    Video Review Is my Intro unnecessary and outro too long?

    An intro will almost instantly turn off viewers. Get rid of an intro unless its absolutely needed. This intro will absolutely make viewers click off, due to the fact that its too long. Viewers want to see the main point as soon as possible, so spend time with jump cuts, editing, and instant...
  2. TanookiAlex

    Let's count to 10,000 :D

  3. TanookiAlex

    Roblox MESSED UP..

    In today's video we talk about how Roblox messed up bad. View: https://youtu.be/2aPg7ot-5LM
  4. TanookiAlex

    Let's count to 10,000 :D

  5. TanookiAlex

    Let's count to 10,000 :D

  6. TanookiAlex

    Official BEN Announces Acquisition of TubeBuddy!

    Great news for you guys. Congrats on the acquisition and i hope this gives improvement to new tools.
  7. TanookiAlex

    Life How many cups of coffee/tea do you drink?

    Probably one cause then i get all hyper. LOL
  8. TanookiAlex

    Type a word related to YouTube

  9. TanookiAlex

    YouTube Question Spammed with Subscribers and want to remove them

    Did you have a video that blew up or anything? Your best bet would be to hide subscribers by going to YouTube settings and unclicking “show subscriber count”.
  10. TanookiAlex

    Answered I think TubeBuddy is glitching out - please help

    I instantly keep loosing subscribers on the app and I don’t know why. My channel is TanookiAlex and it sits at 3.8k subscribers. I refreshed YouTube studio and it is the same. What is happening? I keep loosing a random amount that I think is supposed to be my views? This isn’t right
  11. TanookiAlex

    Thumbnail Feedback Is this a Good banner? I Really don't know

    I think your banner is spectacular! I love the abstract lines of green. However, mobile formatting can be a pest, especially on phone. The banner name looks like it may be cut off on phone. I would add a little subscribe button if i would or some other flair other then the background. 8/10
  12. TanookiAlex

    Gaming Channel Im a roblox Youtuber that has 1k plus views!

    Hi its so good for a fellow roblox YouTuber to be here! I admire your want to donate to charity. If you need any advice on Roblox tips and tricks, i'm here. I'm very friendly so shoot me a DM! Tekkit is fun to watch. Hope you do good Dragon!
  13. TanookiAlex

    TubeBuddy Tips How to attract subscribers?

    subscribers are attracted through the first presentation and that's the hook that you should be aiming for. make your channel look as good as you can, from channel banner, icon, etc. thumbnails, its all about the visuals. subscribers are gained through charisma of content and your ability to...
  14. TanookiAlex

    YouTube SEO How to get more reach on youtube?

    reaching videos to more people equals doing medium SEO topics. never aim for high topics or singular tags such as fortnite niche your audience to an appropriate amount and then you can reason it as you grow. tags help people find what your searching for, tubebuddy has a couple good vids on this...
  15. TanookiAlex

    Life Ever ate something but later regretted it?

    I remember eating a rich slice of seven layer cake for two at a fancy restaraunt and i felt awful the next day. Pretty sure i had nausea the next day. Needless to say i didn't feel too well.
  16. TanookiAlex

    Gaming Where to find cool PC games besides Steam?

    Humble Bundle and Green man gaming are great places to get games for cheap. On humble can support your favourite game creators, pay for what you want in the bundles and it all goes to charity. I think that's something you can feel good about.
  17. TanookiAlex

    Opinion what everyone favorite pets?

    My favourite types of pets are cats and fish. My house has 2 tanks, and my dad has another one filled with pirannas at work. Mustang and Bella are adorable and enjoyable to be around. We also have stingrays in my family's tank downstairs and they bury themselves in the sand, and play together...
  18. TanookiAlex

    Gaming Any Roguelike Fans Here? Binding of Isaac, Enter the Gungeon, etc

    I've been playing Nuclear Throne and Enter The Gungeon and i can't get enough of it. Judo, have you heard of Mod The Gungeon? Using mods you can add custom characters, and expand it with secret floors. I could even mod my roblox avatar into the game with pixelated sprites if i wanted to. It's...