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  1. SoyManuelMedina

    YouTube Question Soooo this just happened....

    Were you able to re-monetize your Channel? I have SUCCESFULLY re-monetized two YT channels after being marked as "not original enough", both times I did it by sending a video about something completely unrelated (I made a video showing how I made those videos), so maybe my experience will help you.
  2. SoyManuelMedina

    YouTube Question silly question about kids channels

    You CAN get monetized, this is what it looks like for my girlfriend's YouTube channel about teaching kids to draw. As you can see, YouTube is letting us apply for monetization when we get to the threshold, even after all videos and the channel itself is marked as "made for kids"
  3. SoyManuelMedina

    YouTube Help YouTube Thumbnail Service Recommendation

    I actually hired a professional graphic designer to design a few easy-to-use templates for me. Because I post a lot of daily videos (I have a sports news channel) which don't require super awesome graphics.
  4. SoyManuelMedina

    YouTube SEO Non-fitting video recommendations - Do I have to split channels?

    I have a few YouTube Sports Channels, I started with a Spanish-language one, and then started publishing videos in English, but they never performed well. So I opened up a new channel and now I have over 38K subscribers on the English channel. So yeah, I would recommend splitting channels.
  5. SoyManuelMedina

    YouTube Help Canva High Res Thumbnails

    It's so weird, your resolution and mine are the same... and mine are counted as hi-res thumbnails.
  6. SoyManuelMedina

    YouTube Question Where can I get software to help with storyboarding & scripts?

    Wait I pay for Creative Cloud and I never knew about the browser-only apps, what else am I missing? :O
  7. SoyManuelMedina

    YouTube Help Canva High Res Thumbnails

    Can you upload one of your thumbnails here? Maybe we can see what's missing. We used the Free version before and never had the red ex...
  8. SoyManuelMedina

    YouTube Help How to find longer copyright free tracks NATIVELY in YouTube

    Yes, you can download them and use them on your YouTube videos.
  9. SoyManuelMedina

    TubeBuddy Tips DO NOT use more than 15 hashtags in your description!

    I just read some posts about using hashtags on your YouTube video description, many saying it was just a rumor, others saying "don't overuse it", etc! BUT, if you go to YouTube's help page, there is a specific section asking you to NOT USE more than 15 hashtags on your video description. You...
  10. SoyManuelMedina

    Need Advice Is it true that you are only supposed to add 15 tags with a max of 500 characters?

    Is not a rumor, it's even written on the YouTube Help page: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6390658?hl=en
  11. SoyManuelMedina

    YouTube Question Is this allowed in my YT videos?

    You can use them, here is how you can give credit to them: https://gpm.nasa.gov/image-use-policy
  12. SoyManuelMedina

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Adding hashtags via TubeBuddy

    Can we have a way to add hashtags to the description using TubeBuddy? Just like tags, it should be helpful. Also another idea: to have a clipboard of our most used hashtags, so we can just click on them instead of typing them every time we post.
  13. SoyManuelMedina

    YouTube Question Do I have to tell YouTube if I'm selling my own merchandise on my channel?

    Thank you, I guess I will just do it, I will check that box and just be tasteful about the ad. Thank you for your time.
  14. SoyManuelMedina

    YouTube Question Do I have to tell YouTube if I'm selling my own merchandise on my channel?

    Thank you, but my question goes farther than the merch shelf, I want to know if I can announce like my own store and tell YouTube, the only thing I can think of, is that I do because they will then take that video off from YouTube Kids.
  15. SoyManuelMedina

    YouTube Question Do I have to tell YouTube if I'm selling my own merchandise on my channel?

    Sorry to bump this post, I hope somebody knows about it.
  16. SoyManuelMedina

    YouTube Question Changing thumbnails of old videos

    I have tons of videos without thumbnails (I was a lazy YouTuber) but now I create them for old videos EVERY TIME they popup on my stats. Because this means people are looking at my old videos and a good thumbnail might help new viewers.