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  1. venkygaming

    YouTube Question Subscribers removed

    subscribers decrease for some reason, even im not sure for it :(
  2. venkygaming

    Instagram What is the best social media that helps to grow a youtube channel?

    I think no social media help much! (we cannot get quality viewers from there)
  3. venkygaming

    Need Advice How Expensive your Recording Setup?

    hope you get all resources :)
  4. venkygaming

    Need Advice How Expensive your Recording Setup?

    sir thats really amazing! thanks for sharing :)
  5. venkygaming

    YouTube Question Why did you start a YouTube Channel?

    Something new and unique way to earn money and fame. I Started for money but in actual im learning a lot from doing youtube. Enhancing my creativity
  6. venkygaming

    Audio Gear What Mic you Use?

    wow thanks for sharing!
  7. venkygaming

    Facebook Does Facebook page helps to grow channel?

    i tried but not gone successful with that
  8. venkygaming

    Gaming Channel Gaming channel please support me

    your channel name is complex to search! change it :)
  9. venkygaming

    YouTube Tips Subs Don't Matter... Here's Why

    active subs matter!
  10. venkygaming

    YouTube Question Trending Videos vs Evergreen Videos

    Evergreen will be better
  11. venkygaming

    YouTube Question What is Average Duration for Your Watchtime?

    ohh got it! anyway i cannot believe your avg watchtime is 50 Min lol, my is 1-3 min XD Share your screenshot if you can pls.
  12. venkygaming

    Need Advice Why am I getting no traffic?

    Try to improve audience retention!
  13. venkygaming

    Need Advice Getting views and likes but no subscribers

    Even im gong through same :/ The Views that get are from Current subs only, rearly any organic subs