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  1. MemerMonster

    Comedy Channel I am a meme youtuber and a youtube compiler,

    User name: MemerMonster Title of introduction: I am a meme youtuber and a youtube compiler, Your name/ Alias: MemerMonster Where are you from? Canada How did you find TubeBuddy? On ads on youtube What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I wanted free tubebuddy features What would you like...
  2. MemerMonster

    YouTube Tips How do I get more views on #Shorts

    How do I gain more views? I have tried tags but they work and I get no views
  3. MemerMonster

    Editing Software should I use premeiere pro to edit?

    should I use premeiere pro to edit?
  4. MemerMonster

    Editing Software Which is the best editing app(Kinemaster or Filmora Go)

    I think you should use Adobe Premiere pro
  5. MemerMonster

    Question How do I get more unique views on youtube?

    I have been trying Tubebuddy and my Legend has expired what do I do?