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  1. Just About Random

    YouTube Question Impressions tab is driving me crazy!

    Hey guys, I finally got a video up and running (woohoo!) and I'm still trying to wrap my head arounds the analytics aspect. The one thats giving me a headache is the impressions tab. It says on the analytics tab that I've had 14 impressions, the impression click-through rate is something like...
  2. Just About Random

    Twitter Twitter followers to subscribers

    Once I get a couple videos on my channel, I'm thinking of editing short segments from my video to post up on Twitter to give people a little flavour of what is on a particular video with a link to the rest of it. Has anyone else played with this idea at all and had any success with it?
  3. Just About Random

    Life What are you doing for Halloween 2020?

    Was going to be the first time my fiancee carved a pumpkin but due to the country being under lockdown, and not living together, that plan went right out the window. But on the bright side the tripod I ordered online is arriving today so it might be a great time to start filming my first video...
  4. Just About Random

    Other Other than YT (or teh interwebs) what activities do you enjoy?

    When away from the keyboard I really enjoy getting out and climbing rock (sometimes with rope and sometimes without, depends on the mood and who's free) but I also enjoy getting online and playing some video games
  5. Just About Random

    Movies/TV Favourite horror movie?

    Probably more of a thriller-esque movie but I recently watched John Carpenter's The Thing for the first time and that one really roped me in and some of those special effects still look amazing to this day
  6. Just About Random

    Entertainment Channel Brand new Youtuber hoping to talk about anything pop culture!

    Hey there SILTHW and thanks for the warm welcome! I'll definitely be checking out a lot of those posts that are pinned around here, nothing like learning something new! Hey Brave Star, thank you for the warm hello too! Did I include something in the initial message that I shouldn't have?
  7. Just About Random

    Entertainment Channel Brand new Youtuber hoping to talk about anything pop culture!

    User name: Just About Random Title of introduction: Brand new Youtuber hoping to talk about anything pop culture! Your name/ Alias: Aaron Where are you from? United Kingdom How did you find TubeBuddy? Found out through some tutorial videos on how to get a channel up and running What made...