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  1. AussieBangerz

    Need Advice What's best long or short videos?

    @Damo’s Paintings made some great points.. For me, in my genre.. 5-7 mins is perfect for me.. 3-4 minute retention rate.. Occasionally I'll pop out a video 10-12 minutes long but retention rate is still similar 4-5 minutes..
  2. AussieBangerz

    YouTube Question Re-Release an old video

    Just a question.. If I go into an old video of mine that's previously been released, I am allowed to reschedule it for release again in the future.. Has anyone done this? Will previous view counts and likes remain? Just curious..
  3. AussieBangerz

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Tubebuddy Desktop App

    Great idea for sure.. But I understand the point @Andrew made... The main roadblock..
  4. AussieBangerz

    TubeBuddy How many videos do yall update a week?

    2 a week is plenty for me. But lately, only 1 per week...
  5. AussieBangerz

    YouTube Question Jealous spouse + your content

    I had issues in the past with my ex. I am into training, gym, boxing etc and used my instagram to share progress and follow others for motivation. My ex was very insecure and I ended up giving up on the posts. But my current wife is leagues above me so she doesn't have an issue with it. :)
  6. AussieBangerz

    Editing Software Hi what do you guys use to edit for Youtube? do you do on your computer or phone?

    For my editing I use Final Cut Pro X on my Macbook Pro.. I use a thumbnail app on my iPad for thumbnails...
  7. AussieBangerz

    YouTube Question How do I start getting views and subscribers?

    Go to a few similar channels to yours and leave comments or questions.. This could raise interest from the viewers of the other channels and they may come across to yours too..
  8. AussieBangerz

    YouTube Opinion should ill stop uploading to youtube?..

    Just had a look at your channel. Sorted the videos by most viewed. One of your videos has had 74k views! A couple with just the guitar tabs have 4-5k views.. Maybe go back to similar videos like those?
  9. AussieBangerz

    YouTube Question How many videos did your posted before getting 100 subscriptions?

    I was lucky I guess... I was in a few relevant Facebook groups and made a presence for myself before starting the channel.. Once I'd done up a few videos, shared them in a few groups, I cracked 100 subs pretty fast, it was getting to 200 that was the harder part for me..
  10. AussieBangerz

    Facebook Let's talk Facebook

    I have a Facebook group. Not fully focused on promoting my YouTube channel but as a little community group to share stories, pictures, etc relative to my genre.. Only 400 members but it's a good little community and I'm sure it has helped my channel in a way, but it wasn't fully intended for...
  11. AussieBangerz

    Need Advice Promotion by other YouTube channels/Influencers

    I've had a few shout-outs and given a few. Easiest way in the community I'm in, is to create an interesting "Tag" series.. Tagging a few other reviewers, they'll mention you back in their video. There is always a heap of tag videos in my genre going around so everyone supports each other...
  12. AussieBangerz

    Other Social Media StoryFire

    Is anyone familiar with Storyfire.com ? I randomly stumbled across it recently but don't know too much. I've seen some comments claiming it to be the next YouTube/Instagram combo but I can't see much value in it myself..
  13. AussieBangerz

    YouTube Help Youtube Short URL

    I'm curious about this as well..
  14. AussieBangerz

    How do you store all the videos you create?

    I delete mine a week or so after publishing them...
  15. AussieBangerz

    YouTube Question What do you find the most challenging aspect of YouTube (don't say getting subs or views)

    Staying motivated and consistent is a struggle for me.. I've stayed on track the last 12 months but it gets tough sometimes between work and life in general..
  16. AussieBangerz

    YouTube Question Why did you start a YouTube Channel?

    Initially to share my passion and collection of fragrances. I'd noticed there was only a handful of Australian Fragrance reviews among a crowd of 10's thousands of other fragrance reviewers. Thought i'd try my luck... Adding an Aussie twist I guess..
  17. AussieBangerz

    Life How many cups of coffee/tea do you drink?

    One 500ml can of Monster in the morning for me.. 160mg of caffeine... At my office desk.. Then about 11 hours later, a preworkout drink before heading to the gym.. Approx 200mg of caffeine.. That's plenty for me each day :)