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  1. Bears and Butters

    YouTube Question Youtube copyright

    You can try using music from artists like: Ikson DayFox Roa Music Healing Melodies Scandinavianz Those are just a couple... of music creators who allow you to use their music for free (WITH ATTRIBUTION). If you get a copyright strike from using any of these artists music, as long as you are...
  2. Bears and Butters

    YouTube Question Youtube copyright

    This is basically a notification saying that you're using someone's copyrighted music within your video. You basically have a couple of options.. 1.. You can choose to NOT dispute it, and forfeit all your adsense revenue on this video. 2. You can remove/replace the copyright music (which...
  3. Bears and Butters

    Let's count to 10,000 :D

  4. Bears and Butters

    YouTube Question Google not indexing my video for some odd reason. Why?

    We agree with you.. this typically isn't the case, but sadly it does happen. Sorry that you had this experience recently with a time sensitive video... that really sucks!!
  5. Bears and Butters

    YouTube Question Google not indexing my video for some odd reason. Why?

    We had the same thing happen recently... We posted a video that was uploaded well before.. (we never just upload and go public.. we always schedule).. and we were unable to search for our video by any of it's tags, or SEO content until 12 hours or so later. There are just so many small broken...
  6. Bears and Butters

    YouTube Help Help

    As well.. don't be afraid to try something new if what you're doing isn't working... and be consistent. There are so many things to learn... go through the Creator Academy and learn about things that YouTube is looking for when it comes to your videos.. and make sure you LOVE what you're doing!! :)
  7. Bears and Butters

    YouTube Help Help?

    We've been doing YouTube for 3 years.. We had 1 video that blew up.. in India (over 130,000 views) . and we have never just snowballed, and we know only a few people who have blown up or gotten much success from YouTube. It's all about loving what you do, consistency, connecting with your...
  8. Bears and Butters

    YouTube Question Do watching your own videos add view and watchtime?

    But if you want to leave a pinned comment on your own video that you put yourself. You have no option but to watch the video and leave a comment from the video itself. Many creators leave their own comment pinned for other call to action items. It always feels like a guessing game with YouTube...
  9. Bears and Butters

    YouTube Tips Adding timestamps to your videos is one step into growing your channel

    We have seen videos and other creators who have added timestamps.. and their retention graphs show a lot of upticks in the chapters... but lots of drops during the main body of the content. So as Brave Starr said... it really depends on your content and style of video.
  10. Bears and Butters

    YouTube Tips 4 Ways to Rank Higher in YouTube Search Results

    Quality Thumbnails and Catchy Titles get your more clicks... Quality content gets you the retention.
  11. Bears and Butters

    YouTube Help I have a problem. Monetization. Please help me.

    Reused content is ANY content online that is your NOT original content. So that means if you are taking someone's video and using it as yours.. that is reused content. YouTube won't even look at your channel if you don't have the hours/subs to make monetization, so if you had nothing but...
  12. Bears and Butters

    YouTube Question Any recomended caption generator?

    We have used Vrew.... it's very good and not too bad for accuracy as long as you speak clearly and aren't talking in slang. It translates the audio from your video into a subtitle.
  13. Bears and Butters

    YouTube Question Taking a Break?

    We had to take a break in posting content due to family circumstances about a year ago.. and it was not a good idea for us. If you have to take a break try to have some other content recorded and scheduled!! It can really be hard to come back from a break.
  14. Bears and Butters

    Editing Software Sharing a free subtitle editor that we use

    It's actually pretty simple... you download the software and install it, and sign up for a free account. You open a new project, put the video in it, and run it in it's Original language.. it will then create the transcription from the audio file in your video... all you have to do is go through...
  15. Bears and Butters

    YouTube Help Help! Need your feedback on this video performance please..

    The real question is... What do you think the problem is? Are you talking about the $1.09 revenue on this video for the 2.5K views? This video looks like it did fabulous for the first day, then leveled off and didn't get a lot more additional views. Have you checked where your views are...
  16. Bears and Butters

    YouTube Tips k drama copyrights

    Hey Kookie!! Copyright is a tricky thing to navigate. If you really don't understand how copyright works, and are using other people's content.. you really need to do yourself a favor and really learn a lot about it. There are tons of videos about it, and lots of ways to research it yourself...
  17. Bears and Butters

    Official TubeBuddy Title Ladder! (Earn a FREE TubeBuddy Upgrade)

    Thank you so much Stanley and we appreciate you setting us up with the Pro license for the month. We have really enjoyed participating in the community, and have enjoyed learning a lot, and helping others in the process!! Have a wonderful day and thanks again!
  18. Bears and Butters

    Official TubeBuddy Title Ladder! (Earn a FREE TubeBuddy Upgrade)

    How do you get your upgrade after reaching a Tier?? I have over 100+ comments on the forums, but haven't heard how I can engage with the 1 month upgrade? I look forward to hearing from someone, and Thank you TubeBuddy!!
  19. Bears and Butters

    YouTube Question Copyright claims from old videos?!

    We had an issue the other day where we got a claim (on a video of ours from 2018), but it was someone who was NOT the OG artist claiming the music as theirs.... We reached out directly to the artist to let them know someone was claiming HIS music as theirs.... and he told us to appeal the claim...
  20. Bears and Butters

    YouTube Question Audio Library & Copyright Strikes on YouTube

    YouTube has provided this music for creators.. as a safe option for music. Making sure to read the terms and conditions of use is very important. For example.. if the music says you MUST attribute the author of the music, then you definitely want to do that. However that's not to say that down...