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  1. All About Python

    Technology Channel Keshav Jha Tutorial

    Welcome to TubeBuddy Community, Keshav Jha
  2. All About Python

    Music Channel I'm new here and I want to know more about TubeBuddy

    Welcome to TubeBuddy Community, Taikelolo Bwyze. Hope you like this community
  3. All About Python

    Business Channel As techies about what is eBay support department number

    Welcome to TubeBuddy Community, albertlisy90
  4. All About Python

    Official TubeBuddy Title Ladder! (Earn a FREE TubeBuddy Upgrade)

    Can't wait to become a Legendary poster :grinning:
  5. All About Python

    Vlog Channel Food and daily vlog

    Welcome to TubeBuddy Community, Saheli Dey
  6. All About Python

    Technology Channel Well, i am Community borrowed !

    Welcome to YouTube Community, the Decent Coder
  7. All About Python

    Need Advice I get really low audience retention rate and watch hours per video

    Hi TubeBuddy community, I have been worried about the low audience retention rate at my videos. Normally, I lose 50 % of my viewers within first 30 seconds of my video. I get around 500 to 1k views on few of my good videos, but since the audience retention rate is low, I get very less watch...
  8. All About Python

    Life What do you guys do for a living?!

    I work at IT full time and work on my YouTube channel on weekends. It's a tough job to balance both of these while taking out time for family. But i believe it will be worth it when the channel will grow :)
  9. All About Python

    Educational Channel Its All About Python

    User name: All About Python Title of introduction: Its All About Python Your name/ Alias: Vishesh Dvivedi Where are you from? Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India How did you find TubeBuddy? I found TubeBuddy when I was researching about SEO ranking and keyword research on YouTube. I watched a...
  10. All About Python

    Video Review Need Honest Tutorial Video Review

    User name: All About Python Title of thread: Need Honest Tutorial Video Review Self review: I have started a YouTube channel regarding python programming language and this is the 10th video of my channel where I have talked about creating instagram bot using python. I just wanted to know how...
  11. All About Python

    Video Review General Feedback on my video

    Maybe you can try adding some background music if you want. Also you can work on your audio quality. You can also cut portions of your video where game is loading or nothing important related to gameplay storyline is happening. That's what I felt about this video Hope it helps
  12. All About Python

    YouTube Question How do you get your first subscribers

    As for me, I talked to my family, relatives and friends and they became my first subscribers. Now I am using social media sites to get subscribers to my channel and my channel is slowly increasing, but still increasing
  13. All About Python

    YouTube Question Research

    Based on my experience on starting a YouTube channel, apart from camera and microphone, you would need the following: 1. Niche for your YouTube channel 2. List of at least 30 video topic that you can make videos on, based on your niche 3. Some prerequisite knowledge regarding SEO ranking...