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  1. Chef JA

    Channel Milestone Just hit 4,000 Watch Hours!!!

    Well, I posted my first video in 2017, but I wasn’t really serious about things. In 2020, I started posting more but still didn’t really have a schedule. I started to get serious in late 2022 and was posting 1 video a week. In mid-2023, I stepped things up to 2 videos a week and 1 monthly live...
  2. Chef JA

    Channel Milestone Just hit 4,000 Watch Hours!!!

    Thank you TubeBuddy!
  3. Chef JA

    Channel Milestone 500,000 Views!

    ...and so close to 4,000 watch hours!-
  4. Chef JA

    Subscriber Milestone 3000 Subscribers!

    My little community has grown to 3000 subscribers!
  5. Chef JA

    Subscriber Milestone 500 subs reached

    Congrats! My son is also a kart racer! :)
  6. Chef JA

    Subscriber Milestone YouTube Success: 1k

    Congrats and keep pushing!
  7. Chef JA

    Channel Milestone 425,000 Views + 3,000 Watch Hours!

    We hit two milestones today! 425,000 channel views and finally hit 3,000 watch hours!!! Now, on the road to 4,000 watch hours (and many more views)! Thank you TubeBuddy!
  8. Chef JA

    Subscriber Milestone 2500 Subs!

    + 827 subs since joining TubeBuddy mid-March! Thanks Tubebuddy!!!
  9. Chef JA

    Subscriber Milestone 2200 Subscribers!

    I haven't been active here in the forum, but have been actively using TubeBuddy. I just realized I've gained 520 subscribers since I joined Tubebuddy in March! Thank you so much TubeBuddy! Chef JA
  10. Chef JA

    Subscriber Milestone 1700 Subscribers!

    Wow! Another milestone! 1700 subscribers! My TubeBuddy strategy must be working! :)
  11. Chef JA

    Channel Milestone 250,000 Views!

    So happy to reach this milestone! Also, very happy to be part of the TubeBuddy community!
  12. Chef JA

    How-To Channel hello from Japan! I'm Chef JA and I'm new to the TubeBuddy Community!

    User name: Chef JA Title of introduction: Hello from Japan! I'm Chef JA and I'm new to the TubeBuddy Community! Your name/ Alias: Chef JA Where are you from? Hokkaido, Japan How did you find TubeBuddy? My husband recommended and referred me. What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I hear many...