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  1. Marcela’s Way

    Channel Milestone 30 videos yeah boi!!

    @Damo’s Paintings OMG!! Your work is absolutely amazing! Everything looks soooo real! Great Job! Also great editing!
  2. Marcela’s Way

    Channel Milestone 30 videos yeah boi!!

    @Damo’s Paintings I definitely understand! I got my channel, my business.... and 3 kids‍♀️ I already know... lol keep pushing forward it will pay off❤️
  3. Marcela’s Way

    Subscriber Milestone 250 subs! This can be 300 after this post

    OMG!! @vinc8nt that was fast!! Your killing it!!
  4. Marcela’s Way

    Subscriber Milestone 300subs!

    Congratulations!! @vinc8nt!! Great Job!!!
  5. Marcela’s Way

    Subscriber Milestone Omggggggg finally 70 subs !!!thank you to everyone for always supporting me !!!!

    Great Job!! @Unnati_singh_rana9 I just got to 70 myself and I am Hype about it!! So keep climbing!! Proud of you!!
  6. Marcela’s Way

    Channel Milestone 30 videos yeah boi!!

    Hi @Damo’s Paintings I think that is AMAZING! That you have 30 uploads!! 30 is one of my upcoming milestones and I’m super excited about it too!! so I think that you should be super proud of yourself!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  7. Marcela’s Way

    YouTube Question Smart Playlist setup

    Well in my opinion, playlists can definitely provide organization to your channel and can allow you to give some variety to your audience but... It might not be the best idea to have a vlog playlist, vlogging my dog playlist, vlogging my moms dog playlist, vlogging my neighbors dog playlistyou...
  8. Marcela’s Way

    TubeBuddy Tips Optimize a YouTube Video for beginners!

    Hi! I would make videos either for someone that doesn’t know anything about software development... that wants to learn.. you present yourself as an expert with that..you can also look up software development for beginners and do videos similar to the ones you find..
  9. Marcela’s Way

    YouTube Question How to increase or improve my Subscribers and views count?

    I agree with everyone that said forget the numbers.... it’s like watching the scale when your trying to lose weight... but in reverse I guess.. lol...when the numbers go up... it’s wonderful... but if you only focus on that... when the numbers go down... you might get discouraged and wanna...
  10. Marcela’s Way

    Video Review Honest feedback wanted — how can I make this video more entertaining?

    @Etypical No problem! I’m gonna go look at your channel and show it a little ❤️
  11. Marcela’s Way

    How-To Channel Hi, I’m new here and I’ll probably will have tons of questions

    I’m open to share any information I know❤️
  12. Marcela’s Way

    How-To Channel Hello there, Everyone! I'm very happy to join the community!

    Thank you for that piece of advice... no trouble needed‍♀️
  13. Marcela’s Way

    Need Advice How do i make my viewers to sub to my channel? I have 4.8k watch hours but just 198subs in the last 4 months.

    Great Job for having that many watch hours! Don’t worry anytime you are consistently focused on something it will pay off...Write on a piece of paper everyday the number of subscribers you want... and tuck it way somewhere... ask, believe, recieve. Much Luck to you!❤️ That is really good...
  14. Marcela’s Way

    Video Review Honest feedback wanted — how can I make this video more entertaining?

    Great Video! I love the editing and the lighting is great.... it may be a little long for people with short attention spans which is most people lol.. but other then that I love it! Keep up the good work
  15. Marcela’s Way

    Music Channel Am A Music Producer

    Welcome! MajorH Beats!
  16. Marcela’s Way

    How-To Channel TShirt Maker becoming a youtuber

    User name: Marcela’s Way Title of introduction: TShirt Maker becoming a youtuber Your name/ Alias: Marcela Where are you from? Virginia How did you find TubeBuddy? A YouTuber What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I want to learn more about YouTube. Truly become apart of the Youtube...