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  1. Danny8190777

    Twitter How do you use Twitter to gain traction on Youtube

    I have never used twitter I never understood it and none of my posts gained any traction on top of that I have no followers, but I see people often say Twitter is amazing. I am just wondering how you gain traction for Youtube via Twitter.
  2. Danny8190777

    Comedy Channel Hi everybody (or Bonjour)

    Hey I was wondering what your upload schedule is?
  3. Danny8190777

    Gaming Channel I am a gaming/comedy channel and am excited to be here!

    User name: Danny8190777 Title of introduction: I am a gaming/comedy channel and am excited to be here! Your name/ Alias: Jaiko Where are you from? How did you find TubeBuddy? I found TubeBuddy through facebook, I noticed someone posted a picture of a milestone on Youtube and asked how do...
  4. Danny8190777

    Channel Review What would your first impression be if you arrived at my channel?

    At first glance the channel trailer stood out to me, beautiful scenery! That was a plus, I would get a professional banner made that has your name and stuff with a backdrop like the one you have. Your thumbnail style is good but if you could increase the font size slightly to have it more...