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  1. Kevin Cross

    Channel Milestone 20,000 views

    So please I breached this last night!!
  2. Kevin Cross

    Other Milestone 350 uploads!!

    Finally I have managed to reach 350 uploads before the year is out. Onwards and upwards I hope!!
  3. Kevin Cross

    Channel Milestone 15000 Views

    I can't believe it I have just breached 15000 views!!
  4. Kevin Cross

    Channel Milestone 9000 views

    Not as much as you yet but hopefully I'll get there soon!
  5. Kevin Cross

    Channel Milestone 9000 views

    Thanks @buntheun
  6. Kevin Cross

    Answered https://www.channelreviews.com

    @Phil any joy with this yet?
  7. Kevin Cross

    Answered https://www.channelreviews.com

    I will do in two minute Phil. Thanks!!
  8. Kevin Cross

    Need Advice Why more views than subscribers

    At the top of my description in the second paragraph I always link to my subscribe button also on my banner I have a subscribe button for people to click on!! As seen in the photo! The code for this is http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ChannelName just replace the channel name...
  9. Kevin Cross

    YouTube Tips Promoting Outside of YouTube

    Some excellent invaluable advice given here yet again. I have tried Facebook ads for my sons gaming channel which turned out at $0.05 per link click which isn't overly expensive but it didn't return enough subscribers to warrant keeping it going!!
  10. Kevin Cross

    Answered https://www.channelreviews.com

    Hi Tubebuddy, I recieved an email today offering me a channel review through https://www.channelreviews.com which offered to me as a paid member of Tubebuddy for $19. It wasn't until I finished work today that I seen my PayPal Receipt for $49. Also it says on the channel review website that I...
  11. Kevin Cross

    YouTube Opinion Do you hope to get famous one day?

    No not at all I started this channel for my son to learn and develop new skills. The tools and advice given at tubebuddy are invaluable and I'm so grateful that I found it. If my son does one day become famous then fair play to him, but this is not the be all and end all!!
  12. Kevin Cross

    Channel Milestone 8000 views

    Thanks @ poulpc
  13. Kevin Cross

    Answered Retention Analyzer

    Is anybody else having issues with Retention Analyzer? I have tried running it on Firefox and also Chrome but keep getting an Error Message as follows: Error. An error occurred while processing your request. Any advice would be appreciated!!
  14. Kevin Cross

    Need Advice Marketing Channel

    Some good advice here. I have just started my sons Facebook page in the last 2 days!!
  15. Kevin Cross

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    Here's my sons most recent video feedback would be appreciated. Please bear in mind he is only 8 years old!!Watch here!!