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  1. Kage_d

    Gaming What is your favorite type of video games?

    I love horror, multiplayer, simulation, and sandbox games. What are some of your favorites, and do you have any examples of them? I'd love to hear from everyone! :D
  2. Kage_d

    Answered How do you submit the video for the dedicated video trial?

    My mind is very forgetful, but I signed up for the video trial and I don't know how to submit it. Does anyone remember the steps?
  3. Kage_d

    YouTube Help Motivation (EVERYBODY READ THIS)

    Thank you. I think everyone needs to hear this, including myself. I relate to this a whole lot, and sometimes videos we put out that has so much work and effort that went into it, doesn't flow well with a certain wave of people. We just need to wait for that specific wave of people to come...
  4. Kage_d

    Gaming Channel Gaming + Art Channel ran by me!

    User name: Kage_d Title of introduction: Gaming + Art Channel ran by me! Your name/ Alias: Kage Where are you from? How did you find TubeBuddy? Google, my best friend, helped me find TubeBuddy when I was looking for something to help promote my youtube channel. What made you join the...