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  1. follow9na

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    View: https://youtu.be/7qeR15OBoKo Here s my latest video
  2. follow9na

    Educational Channel I am a video editor, I do editing tutorials.

    i really liked your work .. keep it going. Dream effects were fantastic
  3. follow9na

    Official BEN Announces Acquisition of TubeBuddy!

    seems pretty cool stuff !! Awaiting a few cool announcements soon on upgrades.
  4. follow9na

    YouTube Question How many videos did your posted before getting 100 subscriptions?

    that great to know. I actually don't remember. is there a way to track it?
  5. follow9na

    YouTube Question live

    thx, I had given a talk in one show, which was live .. and also I have a recording taken separately. Btw both was zoom ... I guess I can take a chance, after all, I am the speaker in live talk.
  6. follow9na

    YouTube Question live

    have you posted youtube live video from other channel to your channel ?
  7. follow9na

    Lifestyle Channel Outgoing

    am relatively new here , glad to meet
  8. follow9na

    Need Advice Two different languages in single channel

    oh thats a great perspective
  9. follow9na

    Answered Avatar

    did not work for me either
  10. follow9na

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Channel Scan: Best Practices & Worst CTR

    no wonder you got legend band !! You are pro !!
  11. follow9na

    Lifestyle Channel Outgoing

    welcome outgoing Emily