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  1. VenGame

    YouTube Help How long did it take you to get monetized

    Welp, Just today I found out that most of my progress is gone. My watch hours went from 1000 back to 8 hours. This is probably because of the 12 month thing, but I hope to be monetised before this year ends!
  2. VenGame

    Thumbnail Feedback I'm fixing thumbnails on videos that aren't doing so great. Here is a before/after of some thumbnail work I just fixed up. How is it looking?

    I really like how the text is in bold and has the same type of text theme as the sims 4 text Everything looks crisp
  3. VenGame

    YouTube Question youtube as a business or a hobby

    it is just a hobby that i take very seriously
  4. VenGame

    Channel Milestone Woke up to this!

    And that is a number i will never see... BUT AMAZING job to you!
  5. VenGame

    Subscriber Milestone Got to 200 subs in 8 days!

    alsso just checked your channel! thats some nice animation
  6. VenGame

    Subscriber Milestone Got to 200 subs in 8 days!

    That type of growth is insane! wish i had that but all the best!!
  7. VenGame

    Subscriber Milestone 7000 subcribers Milestone

    I have nothing to say but wow! your hard work payed off!
  8. VenGame

    Channel Milestone Views 1K, Oh Happy Day!!!

    The fact that your channel grows at 100 views a day is amazing! you should keep it up!
  9. VenGame

    Channel Milestone 15k views

    But for now I am close to 10,000 views!
  10. VenGame

    Channel Milestone 15k views

    Thats really nice! Maybe if i try hard enough i will get the extra 5,000 views needed to have 15,000
  11. VenGame

    Channel Milestone 450 views and 50 videos

    Im not trying to be mean or anything but depending on when you made your channel this can be a really good number or not so good
  12. VenGame

    YouTube Help How to engage with viewers.

    I also like all comments, and ask them to subscribe and like. for me its a matter of just asking them!
  13. VenGame

    YouTube Help How to engage with viewers.

    I comment on all comments
  14. VenGame

    Need Advice Why my viewers don't watch more than 1:56 minutes in my videos

    I found something groundbreaking for my channel Before i started putting captions the audience retention was close to 1 minute out of 15 minutes But after i put captions people started watching up to half of the video minimum!
  15. VenGame

    Gear Opinion Expensive or cheap

    And then the chair and table for like 30 dollars
  16. VenGame

    Gear Opinion Expensive or cheap

    I have a pc and mic for a total of 230
  17. VenGame

    YouTube Opinion Are you a cheap or an expensive youtuber?

    All i have is a pc for 200 and also a mic that costs 50 dollars I have a chair and table together 20 dollars I am cheap... Like really cheap
  18. VenGame

    Roblox Youtuber!!

    I do roblox videos and everythign you can check them out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtmC7DhA2y302cCa2XrJsYg They are extremely funny! On my latest one I put captions on the troll obby video! if you liked them go check it
  19. VenGame

    Gaming Channel Livestream Meetup

    User name: VenGame Title: Livestream Meetup Age: 14 Type of collaboration: for this particular livestream i am focusing only on roblox Amount of Subscribers: 228 Ways to contact you: you can either reply by thread or comment on my video Why should they collaborate with you: Im a roblox...