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  1. Jonnoi

    Subscriber Milestone Reached 120 subs

    Congrats :D . keep up the hard work
  2. Jonnoi

    Channel Milestone Continually grateful

    Awweeessoooommmmeeeee !!! I hope to get there soon
  3. Jonnoi

    Channel Milestone 7000 views milestone

    Yes it's a start bro :D :cool: .thanks man
  4. Jonnoi

    YouTube Question Do you have any rituals that get you pumped for filming and editing?

    Well I usually watch a few Peter McKinnon and matti haapoja videos because they have good energy that encourage other content creators like myself to push thru how I feel and keep moving forward
  5. Jonnoi

    Channel Milestone 7000 views milestone

    Thanks to all for the support :D:). Getting there slowly but surely . Reminder to all keep pushing!
  6. Jonnoi

    YouTube Question Does changing the year to each video improve search ranking?

    I def agree on this because the YouTube policies are changing constantly with New updates. So changing the date in My opinion is misleading and will def damage your reputation.
  7. Jonnoi

    YouTube Question Does changing the year to each video improve search ranking?

    Interesting question :thinking:.but I doubt it. Something to really look into
  8. Jonnoi

    Lifestyle Channel im mama linta

    Welcome @mama
  9. Jonnoi

    How-To Channel biking

    Welcome @jman :cool: .
  10. Jonnoi

    Gaming Channel Hello, it's great to be part of the community :D

    Welcome fam! I love the energy nothing but good vibes :cool: .
  11. Jonnoi

    Subscriber Milestone BOOM!

    Congrats on Your first 60 :cool:
  12. Jonnoi

    Vlog Channel Just a big city girl who has been through a lot but has overcome!

    nice to meet you and glad You could over come!!! Welcome to our community :cool: :D
  13. Jonnoi

    Forum News Member of the Month June 2020!

    Congrats @Niki Proshin :cool::D. Keep up the good work man.
  14. Jonnoi

    Entertainment Channel I would love to introduce myself!

    Welcome Andy :cool: . Hope to be as successful as you one day
  15. Jonnoi

    Editing Software What is your favorite video editing app?

    Yesshhhh... Premiere pro is lifffeeee. Ha ha ha! :D :joy:
  16. Jonnoi

    Subscriber Milestone 50 Subscribers in two months, and I'm happy as a clam in water!

    Way to go champ :cool: I remember how proud I was when I got my first 50.
  17. Jonnoi

    Vlog Channel Hi I'm Glad! I have a passion for baking and cooking

    Welcome to TubeBuddy @I'm Glad :D
  18. Jonnoi

    How-To Channel I am an art channel

    Welcome @Rosalielyallart. :)