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  1. GardenGal

    YouTube SEO Lots of Conflicting Advice Around Keywords - Let's Discuss

    Agree 100%! There are some high-ranked channels in some of the topics I watch, and if I see a video made by "x" person or "y" person when I search, I pass it by.
  2. GardenGal

    Need Advice Youtube Earnings

    At this point in time, I want to be able to have a supplemental source of income once I retire (which is actually not all that far off for me). So I work at this for a few years to help when I will more likely need it. :) I have another channel that brings in $100-$200 a month in Adsense, but...
  3. GardenGal

    YouTube Opinion Would you risk changing your channel name?

    I jut now changed one of mine, but it was an older channel (that I hadn't posted on in literally years) and I thought the new name better reflected the content I now produce/plan to produce. But I also have an established channel with around 60k subscribers and I most definitely would not...
  4. GardenGal

    YouTube Tips Here's The Truth: Your Content Just Might Suck But There’s Still Hope

    Excellent advice all around -- thank you Brave Starr! Since I decided to start up my channel again (after literally years of not posting a single video), I kind of surf YouTube and check out people's various styles. Not to mention camera angles, fades, and all that kind of stuff. ;) The...
  5. GardenGal

    YouTube Help Sub for sub spam

    I just ignore any comments regarding sub for sub and delete them. But I guess I could go the route like @Zita and just put in a comment of thanks and I'll check out your channel at my earliest convenience -- that at keeps the comment count up.