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  1. HeresJonnyy

    TubeBuddy Tips Optimize a YouTube Video for beginners!

    Awesome thank you so much for this TubeBuddy's Superman! :P
  2. HeresJonnyy

    YouTube Question How many videos did your posted before getting 100 subscriptions?

    On my old channel, I did about 56. But, the amount of videos shouldn't bother you. Just post good content thats entertaining, promote it on social media platforms, tag your videos right and the views and subs will come.
  3. HeresJonnyy

    Need Advice How to get your first 10 subscirbers?

    If ur cool with it, promote it to friends and family members. Plus, i don't know anything about data animation, but there is an audience for everything! promote it in groups that are based around your niche and be known in that community. I said this on another thread, but the subs will come...
  4. HeresJonnyy

    Need Advice how to get first 50 subscribers?

    If its things that have got a lot of search results, then consider checking your tags. Promote your video and your brand on social media and know the community you are in and be a part of it! Subs will come flooding in soon :) keep up the great work
  5. HeresJonnyy

    Entertainment Channel Let's be friends

    Awesome job my man! Congrats on 1k subs. I hope to reach that soon
  6. HeresJonnyy

    YouTube Help Can't find my video if i search it with its main tag

    Is your tags very common tags with other youtubers? Youtube filters their searches by relevancy and impressions click through rate.
  7. HeresJonnyy

    YouTube Question How to become more comfortable in front of a camera

    Speaking to a camera will feel weird at first, but like anything if you keep on practising, you will get better and more comfortable in front of the camera. The fact you are talking to a camera is amazing, because a lot of people on the platform are finding it difficult to have the confidence...
  8. HeresJonnyy

    YouTube Question 100 sub In many days?

    Depends on the following: -Consistency with your persona and the way you upload videos. - Your niche audience -The quality of your content (will people want to subscribe after 1 video or many videos) . these play a key role and will determine the time it takes for you to hit 100 subscribers...
  9. HeresJonnyy

    YouTube Opinion What time to post?

    thats awesome man! it's all about trial and error. im new to youtube so i am in the same boat as yourself.
  10. HeresJonnyy

    YouTube Help How does the keyword algorithm work in youtube ?

    Hi mate, the aglorithm works via keywords that are being searched for. the best ones are the keywords that are highly searched but have little competition. The best way to work it is to put the keyword in your title, your description and your tags. use targeted keywords and vague keywords. For...
  11. HeresJonnyy

    YouTube Opinion What time to post?

    It something that is associated with whats best for your own audience. But if you are looking for peak times, then around lunch time or in the evening. thats when people are most likely back or taking a break from work or schoolwork and will watch youtube videos.
  12. HeresJonnyy

    Need Advice Increase subscribers

    Easiest way to gain subscribers is to do the following: - jump onto trends and add your own twist to it to make it your own original content - collaborate with other youtubers your size if you are confident - engage with your community on social media (twitter,facebook,instagram) - maybe...
  13. HeresJonnyy

    Other Milestone 2,500,000 Million Views Milestone

    awesome job man! keep up the amazing work!
  14. HeresJonnyy

    YouTube News Where do you all find background music?

    For my background, I use YouTube's Audio Library. I never used to use any of their music, but quite recently, the background music they have avaliable to download is actually really good. Alternatively, you can search the genre of music you're looking for (whether it is dark rap or bright...
  15. HeresJonnyy

    YouTube Help How do I ADD my finished Thumbnail to my video?

    I add mine when in YouTube Studio. You should be able to do it if you go the edit details section and scroll down to the upload thumbnail option. any problems, don't hesitate to contact me
  16. HeresJonnyy

    Video Research What's the best type of videos to increase watch time and viewer retention?

    I appreicate the comment man! I know to follow my own passion and do my own thing, but was only asking to see what people do to increase their watch time. I am not in the position to worry about that as I have only just started my YouTube channel. I am from the UK also! I like the sidemen and...
  17. HeresJonnyy

    Video Research What's the best type of videos to increase watch time and viewer retention?

    Hi guys, I'm new to this whole YouTube thing and I am looking for a way to better my content, so what better place than the TubeBuddy forums? I want to know, in your opinion or from your past experiences, what type of videos have you noticed have kept the viewer entertained? What sort of...
  18. HeresJonnyy

    How do you store all the videos you create?

    I used to delete them, then I decided to purchase a second hard drive and then store them on there. You never know when you may need it again! :)