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  1. Melanie

    Answered Different results using hand calculations for A/B testing?

    The past few days I've been having issues with TubeBuddy pulling data for A/B tests and this morning my results came in (woot!) Anyway, I'm a stats nerd and so I decided to calculate my A/B test results by hand using a Two-sampled t-test and I'm getting different results than TubeBuddy...
  2. Melanie

    Answered TubeBuddy unable to pull A/B test data

    Oh and another test has old data as well but it's not asking me to pull data. It looks like it completely stopped working on the 7th or 8th.
  3. Melanie

    Answered TubeBuddy unable to pull A/B test data

    Is anyone else having trouble getting TubeBuddy to pull A/B test data from some videos? It's not doing a bulk pull of data across all test, but rather on a test by test basis. One test says data needs to be pulled and so I click the notification and it opens the window and says it's pulling the...
  4. Melanie

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Word misspelled on A/B testing page

    I've often found the word "variation" is spelled as "varition" on the A/B testing page. Also, I'm not sure if either needs to be capitalized as they're not proper nouns. I'm not meaning to nit-pick. I just want to help TubeBuddy. :)
  5. Melanie

    TubeBuddy Suggestion A/B testing stats on "Manage A/B Tests" page

    It would be nice to have the current statistical significance and other stats right on the Manage page so you don't have to click each A/B test to see it. It would also be nice to see the time it was last updated so I can tell if I'm looking at today's stats or yesterday's.
  6. Melanie

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Monetization

    That's something you would have to gather from your Analytics. Did you get more traffic from countries with lower CPMs? There would be too much conjecture needed to garner information for an app like TubeBuddy and doing so might violate AdSense TOS on TubeBuddy's part because they would have to...
  7. Melanie

    Question Bug: Multiple requests for keyword rankings

    I've noticed a bug where I ask for the ranking of keywords and it goes through multiple times. I have not pressed the button or otherwise made the request multiple times. There is some issue on TubeBuddy's end. On my end, this isn't an issue except I get duplicate reports. However, if this is...
  8. Melanie

    TubeBuddy Suggestion I think tubebuddy should add a feature where you can automatically use SEO templates on videos

    I'm a little fuzzy on what's being asked here. What do you mean by an SEO template? Can't you customize your checklist?
  9. Melanie

    TubeBuddy Suggestion View recent increase or decrease in traffic on per video basis

    Is there a way to view whether a video recently receiving more or less than its average number of views? I know you used to be able to do this with Google Analytics. HubPages does it. For example, I'm seeing today that my article "20 Signs You're From Michigan" is seeing less traffic recently...
  10. Melanie

    YouTube Question how do you make a short on youtube on laptop? Does tubebuddy have this feature?

    Make sure you create a video in the required dimensions, this is a big one. Less than 60 seconds long. One of my shorts was created on mobile but severely edited on Desktop before I submitted it.
  11. Melanie

    TubeBuddy Suggestion More robust features in mobile app

    I feel like there are some features the mobile app could easily have, but don’t. I was the moderator and community manager of a large Facebook group (300k+) and many of the members were bound by mobile devices versus laptops or desktops. Many would download the TubeBuddy app instead of the...
  12. Melanie

    How-To Channel Hey friends! Stoked to be here! On my channel I help you CREATE WHAT YOU LOVE!

    You roast coffee? How cool! I'm curious about the process now! I live in Michigan and no coffee is grown here and I wouldn't know where to begin, but I bet a cup of coffee from freshly roasted beans is amazing! I get Starbucks and sometimes it's got a really burnt flavor... you know what I'm...
  13. Melanie


    Very cool offer! Thanks for letting us all know!
  14. Melanie

    Comedy Channel Risingstar Laughpill Comedy

    Welcome to the group! I look forward to seeing you around!
  15. Melanie

    Other I could finally make my custom URL

    Congratulations! <3
  16. Melanie

    Thumbnail Feedback Need ideas on improving CTR for LMAO video. Here are my thumbnails.

    I've been working on another thumbnail I'm A/B testing against the one with the girl that is *shocked* since someone recommended trying a minimalistic approach with the text on the image. I'm seeing pretty good results by eyeballing my traffic, but I'll have to wait until TubeBuddy gives me my...
  17. Melanie

    Thumbnail Feedback Need ideas on improving CTR for LMAO video. Here are my thumbnails.

    I have a video that's performing decently although the CTR is low relative to the rest of my channel. I've done several AB tests and here are the ones that tie for the best: Here are the thumbnails that completely flopped and brought the CTR down: Given this information, is there...
  18. Melanie

    How to write a Hello World program in Python

    This video shares how to write a Hello World program in Python. It's not really for everyone, just those wishing to get a start on Python 3. I hope you enjoy it if you do watch it. View: https://youtu.be/C3WJ4B41GhQ
  19. Melanie

    TubeBuddy Suggestion hi

    What would be on this page?