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  1. XenoBubbaGaming

    YouTube Tips Case Study | How to Get 100k Subscribers | Thundermist Lures Company

    Nice. Thanks for the post. Was quite interesting to read! Greatly appreciate it!
  2. XenoBubbaGaming

    Other Social Media Good Social Sites To Promote...?

    I use a variety of Social Platforms to help promote and push my Videos out across the internet as possible. I was just looking for suggestions on some I might not know about or perhaps missed. I use Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and TubeBuddy currently. If there are some I should check...
  3. XenoBubbaGaming

    YouTube Question Should I delete stagnant videos on my channel?

    I agree with Beanie Draws. It is good to focus on your new content instead of the old.
  4. XenoBubbaGaming

    Vlog Channel i'm a paranormal investigating young granny lol and a witch now don't get scared the gran parts to calm you!!

    Welcome to TubeBuddy! It is interesting to see Paranormal content on here. I can't wait to check out your content!
  5. XenoBubbaGaming

    Gear Question T.V for a Secondary Screen for Streaming?

    Thanks for the response! I am going to set my TV up and get it setup. :)
  6. XenoBubbaGaming

    YouTube Question What do you find the most challenging aspect of YouTube (don't say getting subs or views)

    I find being on Camera and talking to it to be the difficult part. I have never done public appearances or anything even similar to that. Example being, the other night I was Live Streaming and for some reason my Stream pretty much blew up suddenly. I had people swarming the Chat and although...
  7. XenoBubbaGaming

    Audio Gear HyperX Quad or Solo?

    Oh wow. That would help a lot with the overall quality and make it much Clearer. I don't know a lot about Audio but messing around with OBS sound settings has helped a bit with that. I at least got my A10 headset Mic sounding decent I think. So I can imagine that I can get a better mic sounding...
  8. XenoBubbaGaming

    YouTube Tips Breaking 4k: Tips On Getting Your Watch Hours

    Thanks for the information. Greatly appreciated!
  9. XenoBubbaGaming

    Audio Gear HyperX Quad or Solo?

    I have heard a lot about Elgato. I think I will look into it and check out the reviews and such. Thanks for the suggestion!
  10. XenoBubbaGaming

    Audio Gear HyperX Quad or Solo?

    That is what I was thinking. It seems to offer a fuller package which isn't bad for the price. As I said before all it will leave me to buy is a Boom Arm. Thanks for the feedback!
  11. XenoBubbaGaming

    Audio Gear HyperX Quad or Solo?

    I am trying to decide between the HyperX Quad and HyperX Solo. From what I have seen from reviews the quality is about the same as far as I am aware. The only big difference is price. The Quad is $140 and the Solo is $60. I am leaning more toward the HyperX Quad because of the built in Shock...
  12. XenoBubbaGaming

    Gear Question T.V for a Secondary Screen for Streaming?

    Yeah but I just intend to use the TV for keeping track of the Stream and Chat mainly. Then use my Monitor for the game for Full Screen. So it's a good thing I decided that route then lol
  13. XenoBubbaGaming

    YouTube Question Do you post Video AND Streams or...?

    You know, you're absolutely right. I have done some Streams and I love interacting with the community and being able to be there live with everyone. I am just starting out in general and don't have much of a community built up but I do enjoy having the ability to just play and talk to everyone...
  14. XenoBubbaGaming

    Gear Question T.V for a Secondary Screen for Streaming?

    Thank you. I think I am going to get that set up and running. Greatly appreciate the information.
  15. XenoBubbaGaming

    Gear Question T.V for a Secondary Screen for Streaming?

    I have been thinking of using my TV for a Secondary to help with Streaming but not sure if it is something that is recommended or if I should just hold off until I get an actual Monitor. Anyone have any experience in this or at least some feedback? Any feedback is appreciated.
  16. XenoBubbaGaming

    YouTube Question Do you post Video AND Streams or...?

    I was wondering if I should start posting Videos AND Streams to help produce content. Such as Videos from 5 - 10 minutes long and then Go Live less often. So far I have been doing Daily Streams at around 8:30pm (US & Canada) Eastern Time but I don't post Videos very often. So should I switch it...
  17. XenoBubbaGaming

    Other What kind of...?

    What kind of content do you usually look for while on YouTube?
  18. XenoBubbaGaming

    Gaming Channel XenoBubbaGaming Making His Mark!

    User name: XenoBubbaGaming Title of introduction: XenoBubbaGaming Making His Mark! Your name/ Alias: XenoBubba Where are you from? USA How did you find TubeBuddy? Google What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? To get help growing my Channel and get the Channel Name out there. What would...