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  1. Barkey

    Thumbnail Feedback Any feedback?

    At the larger size this is fine, but thumbnails are shrunk way down on cell phones and the like. So the "all you need to do..." line would not be visible. I like the simplicity of the overall design, though.
  2. Barkey

    Thumbnail Feedback New Style

    Gotta agree, not a fan of that font. Cupcakes look good, though.
  3. Barkey

    Thumbnail Feedback Is this better than my previous ones?

    Hmmm... It's really hard to make that out at small sizes. I think it might be better to put your avatar over the image of the kitchen, and/or enlarge the "Cooking Simulator" logo.
  4. Barkey

    Gaming Channel Hello!

    Hullo! Welcome to the forum!
  5. Barkey

    Lifestyle Channel 30 year old Man WATCHES CARTOONS!

    It's great that you've built up such a large following doing reviews. That means there's hope for me! I wouldn't bother spending the money on Adobe, though. Get Davinci Resolve from Black Magic Design. It's totally free, although there is a paid version that has a few more bells and whistles...
  6. Barkey

    Movies/TV movie recommendations?

    I recently saw this anime, "Fireworks" (2017). The ending has some ambiguity, but it was a very interesting and very charming picture. It had some mixed reviews, but I really liked it. If you give it a chance, it's very good and will stand up to repeat viewings.
  7. Barkey

    Camera Gear How many cameras have you gone through?

    I have some knock-off brand action cameras, a webcam, and some old cell phones, but I never use them. My workhorse as been a Canon SL-2 (200D), but I've recently acquired a Panasonic Lumix G100. I'm gonna try that one out in some of my upcoming videos and see if I like it or not. I don't have...
  8. Barkey

    Lifestyle Channel Life in Italy as a Modern Hippie

    Welcome to the forums! Your channel has a lovely design.
  9. Barkey

    YouTube Help When to change

    And there's always "gamer snacks" as a subject. That might give you a few video ideas (enough to make a playlist, anyway), and being a gamer, you'd have some built in cred. That could be a winning combination to at least visit along with your other cooking vids.
  10. Barkey

    YouTube Help Deleting Older Videos?

    I had a couple of early videos I privated, but only because they were off topic, really crappy, and no one was watching them anyway. I figure that wouldn't really hurt me, and they're still there if I ever decide to un-private them. I keep most of the early ones live, though. Since no one looks...
  11. Barkey

    Facebook Facebook reels vs Youtube shorts

    Oh, they'll stay alright. They're competing with TikTok. What are the limits on Reels? I've never looked into them. Are you limited to a one minute video, like Shorts?
  12. Barkey

    How-To Channel Learn2cut&sew

  13. Barkey

    Channel Review The Little Life of Em Channel Review

    Thumbnals are lookin' good! They stand out a lot better with the new font/s.
  14. Barkey

    Entertainment Channel Art/Painting Channel with Lo-Fi Chillhop and Vlog/Chat Elements :)

    I love art channels, whether it's someone painting watercolors or going full on Bob Ross. I can tell myself I'm learning stuff, but really, a lot of the time I'm just mellowing out.
  15. Barkey

    Channel Review Channel Review- What Can I Do to Improve My Channel?

    Right now you have a lot of variety. That's not a bad thing, but variety is hard to maintain, and hard to build an audience from. Although some of these topics do compliment each other, like vlogging and health or art and books, it's kind of a scattershot approach. Eventually you'll find you may...
  16. Barkey

    YouTube Opinion Dislike abuse issue & a better banning/block feature.

    YOU may not be that petty, but what about others who got access to that information? It would just lead to more problems across the whole platform. Some people just can't let a thing go, as you yourself are experiencing with these guys down-voting your content.
  17. Barkey

    Life You are valid! You are important!

    These are the people sporting a new mullet in 2022.
  18. Barkey

    Life You are valid! You are important!

    I agree. It's like on social media, where you don't want any "negativity" in your feed and block anyone who disagrees with your latest hot take. Suddenly, you're in a bubble getting only positive reinforcement, even for the stupidest of ideas, because you don't have anyone there keeping it real...