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  1. BMGamingYT

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    DBD gameplay View: https://youtu.be/XxTPJjP_1wo
  2. BMGamingYT

    Editing Software What is your favorite video editing app?

    Davinci is very demanding on pc hardware, I have a good computer and I still get crashes and stuttering but it is an amazing free program
  3. BMGamingYT

    Gear Question What Surge Protectors are you using?

    Right now I just use a cheap one from Dollar General, I feel they all do the same thing anyway, sometimes you are just paying for the name of a product
  4. BMGamingYT

    Gear Question What is the best mouse for 100 dollars?

    I use the Razer Mamba Wireless, easy to use, dpi changes are easy, and you can use it wired or wireless
  5. BMGamingYT

    Editing Software What are you using to Edit with?

    Lumafusion on my IPad for 4K videos from my Hero8 and Davinci on my gaming PC, sometimes Davinci crashes and I have to use shotcut
  6. BMGamingYT

    Channel Milestone 10 Uploads Milestone!

    Congrats, now that you hit 10 it will be like an addiction to get to 20, that is how I was with my main channel, keep it up, can’t wait to see where you go from here!
  7. BMGamingYT

    Channel Milestone Total Views Milestone

    Awesome job, that is an incredible feat!
  8. BMGamingYT

    Channel Milestone 2500 views milestone

    Congrats! Keep pushing, you will get the 100!
  9. BMGamingYT

    Thumbnail Feedback What do you think about my thumbnail?

    Easy to read and it tells exactly what the video is about
  10. BMGamingYT

    Thumbnail Feedback Thumbnail of my latest video

    Just a suggestion but you Might want to make the “better alternative” part stand out more, I didn’t see it at first glance, it blends in with the plate, makes it seem like you are taste testing something from Dunkin’
  11. BMGamingYT

    Gaming Channel Just a squirrel trying to get a nut

    User name: BMGamingYT Title of introduction: Just a squirrel trying to get a nut Your name/ Alias: Black Mass Gaming Where are you from? US How did you find TubeBuddy? Nick Nimmin What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? Help out with my advice and get help from others What would you like...
  12. BMGamingYT

    Editing Software Best alternatives to Filmora

    Davinci is very demanding on PC hardware, I have an FX-6300 six core processor and 1660 super Overclocked graphics card and I constantly get crashes and stutter, so I use shotcut, kinda bland program but it gets the job done
  13. BMGamingYT

    What camera do you use for your videos?

    If I need close up video I’ll use my T7 with the 75-300 lens or if I am vlogging I always go to my Hero8
  14. BMGamingYT

    What gaming mic you recommend for me?

    I bought the Blue Snowball Ice, incredibly clear sound and easy plug and play, it was only like 50 bucks
  15. BMGamingYT

    Gear Question Laptop for editing

    I was going to buy a laptop for editing but I instead went with the 2020 IPad Pro 11, it handles 4K videos with no issue, never had a stutter or a crash yet, depending on your budget you should think about something like that
  16. BMGamingYT

    GoPro Hero8 Black

    I use the Hero8 for all my vlogs on my main channel, I only vlog my side hustles(auctions, flea markets etc) and cemetery tours and I have had no issues, sounds good and easy to use, I suggest you buy some extra batteries cuz they die pretty quick
  17. BMGamingYT

    Audio Gear What microphone do you use?

    Blue snowball ice for gameplay, very clear and easy to use For vlogs I just use the stock mic built into the hero 8
  18. BMGamingYT

    Gear News Canon Releases EOS Webcam Beta Software

    That is awesome, I been trying to find out how to do this since webcams are pretty much impossible to find right now
  19. BMGamingYT

    Editing Software Filmora9 or DaVinci

    I noticed davinci is very demanding on pc hardware, I have the fx-6300 six core processor and mine crashes even doing 1080p, not sure how filmora would do as I never used it
  20. BMGamingYT

    Camera Gear Go pro attachments

    I have the “3 way” it is an amazing tool to have, definitely check that out