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  1. McCloud94

    Answered accuracy of TubeBuddy vs VidIQ

    I've been using TubeBuddy for a while and I do like it a lot.. but what's confusing is that the results / analytics / suggestions are greatly different between TubeBuddy and VidIq... Which one is actually better and more accurate? Is there an explanation why for example analyzing the exact...
  2. McCloud94

    YouTube Opinion how did your channels do after 100 subs

    I'm barely getting any new subscribers... thought it would go much faster if I produced high-quality content regularly.
  3. McCloud94

    YouTube Help not being notified about new subscribers

    I have this option turned ON in the settings. And with some new subscribers, I do get both the notification as well as an email. But with some, I don't - I only notice if I look at the subscriber count of my channel. Why is this? Anyone experiencing the same?
  4. McCloud94

    YouTube Resources Tags??

    Tags can be useful if content in your video is commonly misspelled. Otherwise, tags play a minimal role in helping viewers find your video. This is literally written underneath the Tags. How is it then that everyone pays so much importance to tags?
  5. McCloud94

    Answered using 'excellent' tags but not getting any organic views

    perfect, thank you for the tips! I changed the thumbnail and edited the beginning of the description. The CTR grew a bit, but nothing special (screenshot from before I made the changes)
  6. McCloud94

    Answered using 'excellent' tags but not getting any organic views

    that's a good point Andrew! Here are the statistics and the video itself. I posted it on my Instagram and expected quite many views from there.. but even if that happened, they'd land straight on the video, which would count as a view right away. 200 impressions is pretty good for me, there...
  7. McCloud94

    Answered using 'excellent' tags but not getting any organic views

    Is there any 'threshold' on how many of the greens tags I need to use for the videos to get a good boost of organic views coming from search? Recently I nailed down the title and description based on an excellent tag (99/100 score) and had 3-4 excellent tags included, but the videos are not...
  8. McCloud94

    Declined Suggestions for best performing (green) tags

    Is there a way I can see the best performing tags for a specific keyword / phrase? I did not find this and it would be extremely useful. This way I always have to spend a long time going word by word, phrase by phrase trying to find the green tags.
  9. McCloud94

    Answered separate login for a team member

    My team member does the publishing, however since I am using my Google account to log in to TubeBuddy, sharing the login with him would mean they have access to literally everything else - my Gmail, GDrive, Calendar etc. It would be really useful if there was a way to log in the standard...