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  1. AhmedAmah

    Vlog Channel Digital Marketing and Social Media

    Just stumbled upon this thread and saw that you're into the outdoors and motor sports. That's awesome! I love getting out and exploring nature too. I checked out your YouTube channel, and I have to say, you have some cool content. It's great that you have a goal of becoming self-employed with...
  2. AhmedAmah

    Opinion Who has lost a Job during this Pandemic??

    We may not be able to control the situation at the moment, but we can control our mindset. However, there is a way out. I recommend checking out https://jobgether.com/search/work-from-home-it-job-offers-online-jobs-jobgether to find a wide selection of remote jobs with flexible contract...
  3. AhmedAmah

    Opinion Who has lost a Job during this Pandemic??

    It's heartbreaking to hear that so many of us have been affected by this pandemic, and it's definitely worrying to think about the future of work. Unfortunately, it's a difficult time for everyone, but we must stay strong and keep our hope alive.