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  1. AngelPheonix

    YouTube Question Views

    I cannot stand when they do that.
  2. AngelPheonix

    Business Channel New YouTube channel for family hop farm

    That sounds like an interesting and different channel.
  3. AngelPheonix

    YouTube Question Why did you start a YouTube Channel?

    I started my travel channel to share my travel advice and stories. After traveling for so many years I realized that there are many people that still don't know how to get the maximum benefit out of travel experience so I wanted to be their resource.
  4. AngelPheonix

    Need Advice Do you ask your friends and family to subsribe?

    I ask only the ones that will be objective
  5. AngelPheonix

    Editing Software Hi what do you guys use to edit for Youtube? do you do on your computer or phone?

    I use iMovie on my phone, I will upgrade when I can afford to
  6. AngelPheonix

    Life My Story

    Thank you very much your feedback is much appreciated.
  7. AngelPheonix

    YouTube Tips Don't expect many subscribers until you have THIS many videos (strategic opinion)

    I have noticed my subscriptions going up. I now have 57 videos and I expect that I probably will get to 100 by the end of the year with the travel industry coming back.
  8. AngelPheonix

    Lifestyle Channel Life With Melissa

    I did a video on Belize Jungle tour a while back, I like visiting.
  9. AngelPheonix

    Lifestyle Channel Life With Melissa

    Welcome Melissa
  10. AngelPheonix

    Sports Everyone's favorite sport?

    I enjoy playing x-box (my type of sports)
  11. AngelPheonix

    Life My Story

    I shared my story on my channel and I now feel depleted. Does this happen to anyone else?
  12. AngelPheonix

    Life Christmas Plans

    Unfortunately, I will be working that day.
  13. AngelPheonix

    Food So what's your favorite food?

    I'm partial to all things spicy
  14. AngelPheonix

    Gaming What is your favorite game?

    I play Skyrim and I love it :cool:
  15. AngelPheonix

    Lifestyle Channel Angel's Travel Channel

    User name: AngelPheonix Title of introduction: Angel's Travel Channel Your name/ Alias: AngelPheonix Where are you from? United States How did you find TubeBuddy? Chrome What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I joined because it gives me an opportunity to dialogue with like mind people...