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    Thumbnail Feedback How do I create a good thumbnail

    Use Canvas, I have doubled my views since I have started using it, as mentioned they have a free and pro but it is deff worth the price for more veiws
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    Thumbnail Feedback Choose my thumbnail! What do you think?

    I like the second thumbnail better but maybe reduce it a little bit make it less complex
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    Thumbnail Feedback Youtube Thumbnail

    Use Canvas, I have been using it and my views have doubled since I started
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    Thumbnail Feedback THUMBNAIL FEEDBACK

    I think the 3rd thumbnail would do the best as in my opinion it pops out more
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    Community White Text on Black Background?

    It depends on the Font but my suggestion is to use Tubebuddy Extension and when making the Thumbnail play around with the text until you enjoy it
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    Thumbnail Feedback Comparison of two Thumbnails: Which is better

    The second thumbnail caught my attention as soon as the screen loaded, hope it is doing well for you
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    Official Wanna Improve Your Thumbnail Game? Check Out Canva.com

    I totally agree with how amazing Canva is I was just using images from the game I was playing but with Canva I can easily remove background and make a more detailed thumbnail it is my go to for all thumbnails now
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    Need Advice How to improve titles or seo

    The app I use for titles is called Gimini it helps with titles, descriptions and tags, I just ran it through Stanley's mentioned app and it gave the first keyword a rate 91
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    Mobile Gear Which app is best record video on free phone for YouTube?

    For simply recording videos without editing you can simply take the video the upload by pressing share and choosing youtube, to edit on IPhone the best app I have used is Youtube Create app that is still in beta but it is pretty good in my opinion
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    Need Advice How to get monetized

    The best thing to do is not worry about the big numbers they will come. Celebrate all of the smaller milestones along the way because each and every step is a step you wouldn't have gotten to if you didn't start and continue.
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    Need Advice How often should I post a video?

    Don't worry about to much or too little make the best quality videos and make sure up upload them on a constant basis so lets say release fridays make sure you release every Friday that way your subscribers will know when you are about to release an epic video
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    Answered when Tubebuddy extension is enabled it auto plays audio

    I used to deal with this problem but I uninstalled the addon and reinstalled and problem was gone, Hope you got it fixed
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    YouTube Opinion whats with the hidden comment button on the new shorts UI?

    I think this was a bad idea on Youtubes part but they are the developers so what can we do :-(
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    YouTube Question Helps Youtube Shorts to grow your channel or destroy it for a Small channel?

    I do wrestling videos and each finisher is a short they get loads of views/ subs but as said above my long-form content barely moves, think of long-form, shorts, and live videos as 3 groups instead of 1 your subs will come back to those forms but might consider other videos you make as well
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    Movies/TV Avatar: The Last Airbender (2024) Season 1 (Complete) [TV Series]

    That movie is amazing! me and the kids loved it
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    Channel Milestone My Latest Accomplishments

    850 Uploads 325,000 Views 1600 Subscribers
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    Gaming Channel This is Written just for YOU!

    Welcome and keep up the hard work and you will accomplish all you want to
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    Channel Milestone 1,700SubscribersMilestone

    Congratulations on your achievement of 1700 subscribers