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  1. The Mantis Man

    Educational Channel invertebrates

    Thankyou, I am just trying to get use to this site. However the info is great on here so far.
  2. The Mantis Man

    Need Advice Google Ads To Promoto Video

    Hi Editha, are you asking me? as its has not linked as a reply
  3. The Mantis Man

    YouTube Question Weird jumps in views?

    One of my videos has been jumping up a lot since people have been commenting on them, were only on 60 views now they have gone up to 100, one video was on 400 and now is hitting the 600 mark. I am still learning about it all and as i can gather the likes or dislikes and comments etc must play a...
  4. The Mantis Man

    Need Advice Google Ads To Promoto Video

    TubeBuddy helped me with all the things i needed to help me get my videos all sorted for better rankings, such a great price as well.
  5. The Mantis Man

    Video Review I want you honest opinion about my video!

    Great video, I think the way you present your self is a lot more easier on the ear than most gamer's these days, Keep up the great work. Maybe a intro on your Videos like a logo and start up scene.
  6. The Mantis Man

    Educational Channel invertebrates

    User name: The Mantis Man Title of introduction: invertebrates Your name/ Alias: The mantis man Where are you from? United Kingdom How did you find TubeBuddy? From another creator What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? To gain info and join other Youtube content creators What would you...