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  1. christaelrod


    Using the right tags and optimizing the description can help the video perform. If you have a budget, try running paid ads on YouTube.
  2. christaelrod

    Editing Software Best Video Editing software/apps

    Premiere Pro, Apple iMovie, and DaVinci Resolve
  3. christaelrod

    Editing Software Whats best free editing software for anime edits and such

    My personal recommendations are Premeiere Pro and Davinci Resolve. If you like to try using some other software for video editing, go through the article.
  4. christaelrod

    YouTube Question Updating old thumbnails

    Well said. Updating thumbnails, titles, and descriptions will be helpful to enhance the video performance.
  5. christaelrod

    Editing Software Free editing softwares?

    Photopea and Gimp can be used for photo editing. OpenShot and Shotcut can be used for video editing
  6. christaelrod

    Need Advice Video vs Best For Viewer

    Videos that are related to one another or that are similar in topic and presentation are more likely to generate interest among viewers.
  7. christaelrod

    Editing Software What Editing Software you have?

    I personally recommend Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects (Both are little bit advanced software, but they are worth your time and effort).
  8. christaelrod

    Editing Software What photo editing software do you use? And why?

    Photoshop is my all time favorite software.
  9. christaelrod

    How-To Channel 3D Computer Graphic Tutorial Channel

    Hi artistB, Welcome to the community. I recently joined this forum too and came across a lot of useful channels just like yours. Keep engaging with the members and sharing ideas with one another.
  10. christaelrod

    YouTube Question looking for advice on how to grow

    Write attractive title Optimize your video by giving proper KWS in title and description Create attractive thumbnail Upload long form of videos regularly (minimum 10 minutes) Run some paid promotional campaign in YouTube