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  1. Basic Filmmaker

    TubeBuddy Suggestion HANDLING OLD COMMENTS

    Sure, BUT, again, that's going through and clicking 1,000's of comments one at a time as I understand it.
  2. Basic Filmmaker

    TubeBuddy Suggestion HANDLING OLD COMMENTS

    Since the new Studio I am able to see ALL my comments forever. I've gone through and cleaned up and answered soooo many (thousands) but I'm done. At this point, there are THOUSANDS more left. Why do I care? Every time I look at the comments for my channel, there they sit, unanswered, and I like...
  3. Basic Filmmaker


    Don't know if this is possible...the COMMUNITY TAB on YouTube "could" be quite valuable, BUT, you get NO notification when someone leaves a comment there. In fact, YouTube's response to this was, "As of now, option to get notification when viewers left comments on your community post is not...
  4. Basic Filmmaker

    Affiliate Strategies How to apply for VIP or Super Affiliate

    Hey Phil! I'm working on it. Will be posting this TubeBuddy video next week.