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  1. The Swiss Hiker

    YouTube Opinion Love is in the air. Everywhere I look around.

    Google is making so much money with YouTube, so I don't think they will actually put it down. Nobody knows what will happen in 20, 30, 50 years, but I definitly don't see anything which could leed Google to turn off YT in the near future. The only thing I would recommend to anyone making money...
  2. The Swiss Hiker

    How-To Channel CAD enthusiast with a passion for open-water swimming

    Welcome aboard. Sounds interesting your channel for people like engineers students. Do you know if there are open source programms for CAD? If so I think tutorials for them could make your channel even more attractive to a wider audience (if you want that). Good luck with your channel.
  3. The Swiss Hiker

    Vlog Channel Swiss Guy who loves to hike with a PhD in Political Science

    Thanks Britaku for the warming welcome. At the moment I'm in Australia and just published a hiking video about a hike on the second largest sand island of the world a few our ago. If you watch it, let me know if you like it.
  4. The Swiss Hiker

    Educational Channel Hello there, I am Melbourne Wallace from Jamaica. I am a level up Grant participant with Internet Income Jamaica

    Welcome Melbourne. Some tipps for you: I would create a thumbnail theme an stick to it, at the moment they look quiet random. Create a YT Banner with what your do and add when you upload videos. Include sound in all videos. (Almost) nobody will watch a video where you show slides without sound...
  5. The Swiss Hiker

    New Hiking Video on the Second Largest Sand Island of the World

    Hi all, my first video promotion here on the forum :). Last Sunday I hiked on the 2nd largest sand island of the world. North Stradebroke Island is located near Brisbane, Australia. The hike was so amazing and I saw kangurus for the first time. For those of you who speek not Swiss German (I...
  6. The Swiss Hiker

    Need Advice Brand LOGO. To change or Not to change? That is the question.

    I sent you the vectorized files as PM. Feel free to use them.
  7. The Swiss Hiker

    YouTube Question what is your average shorts view?

    I just started recently to also create shorts and have 39 to 844 views on them. I also gained a new subs with them.
  8. The Swiss Hiker

    Need Advice Brand LOGO. To change or Not to change? That is the question.

    Glad you like it. I had another idea to put you in the landscape. So you have everything you wanted in your logo. One time small and one time in the focus.
  9. The Swiss Hiker

    Gaming Channel here i'm

    Welcome Yuri and good luck with your channel. One thing I noticed on your channel is that you use the exact same thumbnail for multiple video. I wouldn't do that. Each one should be unique. Sometimes also not the whole text is visible. And one more tip: If you add your channel ID (starting with...
  10. The Swiss Hiker

    Audio Gear How to fix background noises?

    Yes, I think it's just to get a clear studio voice sounding like recorded in a radio studio. It's not built to improve other noises like from animals.
  11. The Swiss Hiker

    Channel Milestone 300 Subs and 100,000 views!

    Cool, congratulations on 100k, that's a big milestone I would say. Keep it up.
  12. The Swiss Hiker

    Channel Review What could I do to improve this channel?

    I think you have a great channel and you getting views and subs. Besides what others have already mentioned, wI really love your introduction video. But why do you have black screen at the end? I guess a lot of people will just stop there which lowers the time they watch in percentages. I would...
  13. The Swiss Hiker

    Video Review Uncovering How BLACKROCK ALADDIN is Changing the World Economy!

    My thoughts for this video: 1. It video cutting is nice, I have nothing to add there. 2. The voice is also nice and clear. 3. Content: I would prefere getting more information about the AI system and how it does it and maybe even generally about AI. On the other hand I got for my tast too much...
  14. The Swiss Hiker

    Need Advice Brand LOGO. To change or Not to change? That is the question.

    I think I have an idea how to combine camera and the nature, so I tried something out in Illustrator using cc0 vector graphics from pixabay and changeing them a little bit and comping them. But of course it wouldn't show you. But you could combine this with a YT Banner showing you and some text...
  15. The Swiss Hiker

    Lifestyle Channel Glad to be here.

    Welcome High Society Network. Good luck with your channel and your dreams. I quickly looked at your channel. I would change the banner in the way that the whole diamond is visible on mobile/desktop. Best, Benjamin
  16. The Swiss Hiker

    Need Advice Brand LOGO. To change or Not to change? That is the question.

    I prefere the first option, but I probably would take it without the subtitle. Or the last one is also great. The red one with mountains feels more like a mountain hiking channel then a jungel channel in my opinion. The third logo I like the least, I don't think that would fit the channel.
  17. The Swiss Hiker

    Audio Gear How to fix background noises?

    I already used that tool a couple times and it's amazing. Only if the background noise is really loud, it doesn't work. But then you probabaly just need to record the audio.
  18. The Swiss Hiker

    Editing Software Best Video Editing software/apps

    You basically have two options if you really want to get into Video Editing: Premiere Pro from Adobe or Davinci Resolve. While Adobe is quit expensive and you have to pay monthly/yearly as a subscription, Davinci Resolve is free for most features (because it's company is a hardware production...
  19. The Swiss Hiker

    Vlog Channel Swiss Guy who loves to hike with a PhD in Political Science

    Thank you Jawadsoomro, looking forwards for a lot of nice discussions in this forum.
  20. The Swiss Hiker

    How-To Channel hello from Japan! I'm Chef JA and I'm new to the TubeBuddy Community!

    Welcome Chef. Your YouTube channel makes a great impression. I think you should reach the 4k watchtime soon. Best, Benjamin