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    YouTube Question Is using creative commons videos without owner's permission a myth?!

    There are different types of license for creative commons video and credit given have a format. Also you should make sure to mark your video under cc. You should make a checklist and check everything to be sure.
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    TubeBuddy Suggestion Bulk Youtube Short Creator

    Yes. Canva is the best platform to convert your long term video into shorts without spending a dime. I usually save all my videos on Canva so that I can use it on different devices without any worry or if I want to edit or download it.
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    Answered TubeBuddy

    A tool that is used to help you with Youtube SEO and Insights. That's how I usually tell about Tubebuddy to my friends when they are not aware of what it is.
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    TubeBuddy Suggestion Bulk Youtube Short Creator

    A short video should be meaningful and usually the key feature should be highlighted to attract more users. More quantity doesn't matter when there is no meaningful content within that short time. Just my opinion.
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    Answered Tubebuddy features missing on Youtube?

    Probably they are making an update on those. Haven't really used those features.
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    Opinion How Would You Ask for Donations?

    At the end of the video , you can say like "If you like my content, you can show your support by clicking on the link in the description". You don't ask out for money but support from your viewers which actually works.
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    Answered How many channels per account?

    Yes. You need separate license for each channel. That way TB can suggest what's best for your channel and the niche
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    TubeBuddy Advantage of TB

    You need to login to tubebuddy.com, add your channel and choose the plan you want and buy it. Currently there is only two option to buy the subscription, PayPal and Credit card.
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    What do immediately your video goes viral.

    If your video goes viral and your content is good Youtube shows it to more people, if users click and watch the video for at least few minutes. If people click on your video and leave within few seconds that means either the video is irrelevant to user or they didn't get what they expect. In...
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    Answered Just signed up to TB and have 2 questions...

    Once it is available it will be available to all members. No need to email them. But if you have any other issues you can contact them on support@tubebuddy.com
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    Answered Just signed up to TB and have 2 questions...

    Probably, they are working on it. I don't see it too
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    YouTube Question How much should hiring a professional SEO specialist REALLY cost?

    If you are asking about SEO for Youtube then I would say $25 per video is the average cost which works pretty good for me in the past but sometimes it really depends on the niche and the competition in your niche. I use to hire freelancers from Fiverr. But if you are looking for a long term then...
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    Answered Just signed up to TB and have 2 questions...

    1. I assume from your question that you want to use the Tubebuddy feature for more than one channel. Every channel need separate upgrade to use Tubebuddy. 2. Channelytics feature can be seen on Youtube when you go to homepage of any channel or your own channel.(currently has some glitch so it's...
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    YouTube Question Question about thumbnails and shorts

    Whether it's long form video or shorts it's up to you to decide which one is going to be best for your video(sometimes it's best to choose from the video to show what the viewer's can expect from the video). But for me I'll choose a screenshot from shorts or let Youtube do it. I don't make a...
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    Lifestyle Channel Hey TubeBuddy mates , i'm sachin and i,m a digital marketer from KERALA, INDIA

    Hello. Welcome to the community. I wish you all the best for your Youtube journey!
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    Facebook Harasser or stalker?

    Stalking is just going around and watching all your activity. Harassment is when they abuse you physically/verbally. Block the person on both Youtube and Facebook. It's of no use in making a complain and waiting for Youtube to take action.
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    YouTube Question Help with title for SHORTS video please ..

    I would write a title like Destination doesn't matter when you enjoy your journey It's not the destinations. it's the journey
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    Messenger text story maker

    An app called "Text Message Chat Video Maker" by OCO Inc This app is available only for iPhone and this can be used to make videos like you asked. This is the best app for visual story telling using text messages by far and also have good rating. You can give it a try and see how it works for you!
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    YouTube Opinion YouTube growth

    You are right on point. Make good content and use Tubebuddy to optimize, that's the best advise anyone can give!
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    Gaming Channel heyo everybody

    Hello. Welcome to the community!