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  1. Hannah

    Affiliate Question Hi I m a beginner to TUBEBUDDY affliate program and I m bit confused about this process. Will I get paid based on tubebuddy installation on desktop?

    Hi @Auro you will get credit for installs on desktop which adds up and can give you free upgrades and a higher percentage when you reach the next affiliate level. You get a commission when someone upgrades to the paid version. Hope that helps!
  2. Hannah

    Affiliate Question Referring those using andriod phones

    If you create a support ticket with a screenshot our support team will be able to troubleshoot the issue with you. You can create a chat on this page - www.tubebuddy.com/support. Thanks!
  3. Hannah

    Affiliate Question What is your favorite way to share about TubeBuddy?

    What platform or platforms have you found to be the most successful when you are sharing about TubeBuddy? What has given you the best return on investment? Leave your answer in this thread!
  4. Hannah

    Affiliate News Affiliate Center!

    Did you know that we have a helpful Affiliate Center dedicated to giving you resources, strategies, and images that you can use on all your social platforms as well as on your ads?! Go here to check it out! https://www.tubebuddy.com/affiliates/dashboard
  5. Hannah

    Affiliate Question Referring those using andriod phones

    Our Affiliate Program only works for the desktop version at this time so there is not a way to get referral credit for mobile.
  6. Hannah

    Gear Question What are your future gear upgrades?

    @People's Bookkeeper @Damon I am interested in selling my G7! I absolutely love it and have only used it a handful of times so it is basically brand new. I am going in a different direction with my film style so that is the only reason why I am selling it.
  7. Hannah

    Answered Changing channel with same license?

    @Photoguy We only offer lifetime Pro licenses to certain channels that meet a set of nonpublic criteria. We recently started offering a different lifetime pro license for all channels, however, it is at a different price point. If you need a refund please reach out to support@tubebuddy.com and...
  8. Hannah

    Answered Sign in required problem

    @triple deadly please email me at support@tubebuddy.com and I would be happy to send over some troubleshooting steps to get this resolved.
  9. Hannah

    Answered 2 channels requires two TubeBuddy subscriptions?

    You can only have one license per channel. We do have a special promo deal for your second channel. Email support@tubebuddy.com for details and we would be happy to give you more information.
  10. Hannah

    In Progress Can I change a pro license to a different tubebuddy account ?

    @marcogomesr We can switch the license as long as it is within 30 days of purchase. If that is the case, please send a link to your channel the license is currently attached to and a link to the channel you wish to attach the license to directly to support@tubebuddy.com. If it has been past 30...
  11. Hannah

    Answered Cannot cancel licence I just purchased!!

    @izmatopia please contact me at support@tubebuddy.com and send me a link to your channel. We will be able to refund your purchase.
  12. Hannah

    In Progress Cancel Mobile License

    @Filipe Noronha ae you using Android or iPhone?
  13. Hannah

    In Progress Tubebuddy Sign In Required, Click Here

    Hi @Rsbeauty I know how we can fix this. Can you email me at support@tubebuddy.com? Then I can send you some instructions and specific screenshot requests to get this resolved.