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  1. Mac in HD

    Camera Gear Raspberry pi HQ as static camera

    So Raspberry pi released the HQ camera (12.3mp) that can use a CS or C mount lens. Has anyone tired using this for vlogging or youtube videos ? For the video i have planned i am considering using 5 or 6 cameras for a static camera setup and then use something like Open Broadcast Software to...
  2. Mac in HD

    Video Review Channel Trailer!? Is is good or not?

    I have to agree with Beanie if you are doing a trailer it needs to get straight to the point and tell me exactly why i am watching your channel and why i should subscribe. Asking if you enjoy people watching other people playing games and the rest of that monologue doesn't really tell us what...
  3. Mac in HD

    Camera Audio setup - need some help

    Thanks Jeffery, i checked and cleaned everything and and found that i still has the same issue. i decided to try magic Lantern to see if it was the AGC. and when i switched that off the level of static drop dramatically to the level of when you are monitoring the microphone directly and the echo...
  4. Mac in HD

    Camera Audio setup - need some help

    Thanks Damon, your replys have been very helpful. i am definitely looking at separating audio and my video. thanks for the help its been very informative.
  5. Mac in HD

    Camera Audio setup - need some help

    i get what you mean and i will use a lavaliere mic when im indoors however since my camera has an auto gain control that cant be switched off i would stiill have that issue with the hiss in the background. will an audio adapter like the By-MP4 or Saramonic SR-AX100 effectively act as a AGC blocker?
  6. Mac in HD

    Camera Audio setup - need some help

    Hi guys, so my video set up is a Canon 600D and a Boya BM3030. i am having some issues with my audio quality. there is quite a bit of static and the when i record indoors there is alot of reverb and echo that distorts the sound and even premiere pro struggles to get rid of. on the microphone...