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  1. TK Designs

    Other What editing software do you guys use?

    I use Filmora 12. I used to attempt to edit videos with DaVinci Resolve, but I never really got proficient with it.
  2. TK Designs

    How-To Channel Aspiring youtuber - Gearing up to make it a success

    Welcome! I am in the same Genre of YouTube channels as you. My How-To's are more related to woodworking though. I wish you great success on your journey!
  3. TK Designs

    Gaming Channel Plz subscribe to my channel this is the linkhttps://www.youtube.com/@dhiagaming85

    According to the forum rules, it isn't allowed so I would recommend against it. I don't mean to be "That Guy", but I would like to see all our forum members (especially the newbies like me) get the help they need to become successful. Forum rules here: Official - TubeBuddy Forum Rules |...
  4. TK Designs

    How-To Channel Full Time Computer Network Engineer transitioning to woodworking with CNC

    Thank you. I hope to contribute to help other creators while I persue this journey!
  5. TK Designs

    Audio Gear Blue Yeti?

    I have both Blue Yeti and the Nano. Sound quality is pretty good as far as I can tell. Full disclosure, I don't often record my voice in my videos, as I only occasionally record tutorials. I do use RODE Wireless Go for when I record in the workshop. It has really good sound quality.
  6. TK Designs

    YouTube Question Helps Youtube Shorts to grow your channel or destroy it for a Small channel?

    I use YouTube Shorts judiciously after posting longer form content. I will generally leave the shorts up for a few months, with the original long form video listed as the relevant video to it. I am not trying to drive shorts viewers as a rule, because even if I am pulling 5-8000 views on a...
  7. TK Designs

    YouTube Question Re-editing videos

    Sounds like you want to make reaction type videos. I think to do so, you have to keep within fair-use standards (I am not a lawyer), and make your content to where you are not just re-posting other creators works. Ultimately, you should probably get permission from the original creator to use...
  8. TK Designs

    Answered Channelytics not loading correctly

    Hello, Channelytics does not seem to be loading correctly. I always see a Negative number for my stats. The channel in question that I am comparing to has less views in the last 30 days, but shows me at -58000+ Screenshot of this issue is attached.
  9. TK Designs

    YouTube Opinion Lets be honest - the Youtube promotions tab is not that great...

    I haven't used it, but I read up a little and found that subscribers and watch time from a promotion doesn't count toward monetzation anyway. In my niche, organic growth seems to be fairly slow, so even if I got good amount of traffic and subscribers from a promotion, it would be pretty...
  10. TK Designs

    How-To Channel Full Time Computer Network Engineer transitioning to woodworking with CNC

    User name: TK Designs Title of introduction: Full Time Computer Network Engineer transitioning to woodworking with CNC Your name/ Alias: Tom/Thomas Where are you from? San Diego, CA How did you find TubeBuddy? Referral on Youtube What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I was looking to...