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  1. Randomlifestylevlog

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Tag products in videos (affiliate links not shop items)

    You have the ability to tag products from your store in videos. But for many youtubers who do affiliate marketing it would work so much better if we can can products in videos as affiliate links. We make affiliate commissions everyday so it makes more sense for us. I dont think the merch shelf...
  2. Randomlifestylevlog

    YouTube Help Why My Channel Video Views Not increase

    1. Your videos need clear and consistence thumbnails that stand out 2. Make use of playlists ro section your content. Don't forget to give your playlists a description and good title 3. remove any social media links from the top. While your a new channel you do not need them as you want people...
  3. Randomlifestylevlog

    Need Advice I Have A Dying Channel....

    Channel links? Can give a few pointers at least from our own experience
  4. Randomlifestylevlog

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Tubebuddy sound library!

    I have already used Audio Hero and Epidemic Sound! I just thought it would be a nice idea if Tubebuddy came up with their own sound library!
  5. Randomlifestylevlog

    YouTube Opinion Lets be honest - the Youtube promotions tab is not that great...

    We havent spent that much. We have mostly done it a few times when we were first with our unboxings of a calendar and we beat other people in our niche to it. Didnt see much results from it... but we have always been organic on everything we have done
  6. Randomlifestylevlog

    Audio Gear Blue Yeti?

    I have no experience with the Blue Yeti but i presume this is for presenting? If you do not go for the blue yeti a Rode Nt2 (what i use) or shure SM7 ( used by many for broadcasting and youtube) is what i would recommend! Good luck in your search!
  7. Randomlifestylevlog

    Thumbnail Feedback Thumbnail Styles Feedback

    You want your thumbnails to be strong and clear and not to over crowded. The who is the real top boy thumb looks great but i dont think having your name on it is necessary or is that the person your talking about? Good luck!
  8. Randomlifestylevlog

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Tubebuddy sound library!

    Ever thought of creating your own library of licensed music for Tubebuddy users?
  9. Randomlifestylevlog

    YouTube SEO SEO impact of Community tab posts?

    The community tab is one of the best tools for affiliate marketing! If your a channel that promotes products do it on the community tab. And dont be afraid to use the community tab! Its a great tool!
  10. Randomlifestylevlog

    Answered Will there be any updates to the Tubebuddy title ladder soon?

    I dont think I have seen any updates to it for ages? Anything in the pipeline?
  11. Randomlifestylevlog

    YouTube Opinion Lets be honest - the Youtube promotions tab is not that great...

    We have used it multiple times and feel like the return has not been great. Do you feel like that Youtube is making it harder now for Youtubers that they have to resort to paying for promotion outside of their organic growth?
  12. Randomlifestylevlog

    Technology Channel Theo's Corner

    Welcome to the forums Theo!