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  1. CristianFilingeri

    YouTube Question How do you set up a blue title with #?

    Hi Sleeping, I do this too in my channel by simply adding Hashtags in the video description. Only the first 3 will be shown over the video title For instance, #fishing #tutorials #video
  2. CristianFilingeri

    Need Advice Increase subscribers

    I truly believe is all about content, then is how you do it. Then is how you show it through the thumbnail, then is up to people, if they like it or not. Tremendously easy as concept, hard as hell to make it.
  3. CristianFilingeri

    Video Research What is the click-through rate of your videos?

    Right now I'm at the 7.1% , I have started back in January in making content and I decided to take extremely care of thumbnails and is definitely helping, against a 5.2 in 2019
  4. CristianFilingeri

    YouTube Opinion What's Hardest Thing for A Small Youtube Channel?

    The hardest thing is to do get unmotivated when you see your channel not growing like you wish.
  5. CristianFilingeri

    YouTube Opinion Does viewer likes you changing your channel profile picture often?

    Hi Josh i believe we should always use the same picture all over our social media and avoid changing it to be as much possible recognisable !
  6. CristianFilingeri

    YouTube Help Of the 3 steps for monetizing the channel, ADSENSE is the only one in progress...

    Thanks for your answer, but don't you find weird that at the same time the channel has been reviewed?
  7. CristianFilingeri

    YouTube Question Why do i get more views on Facebook compared to when post on YouTube?

    I'm interested too, I think is counted as view otherwise It couldn't be showed in the analysis as source of traffic
  8. CristianFilingeri

    YouTube Question What Video Resolution are you uploading?

    I'm right now trying 2.7 at 60fps and seems all right!
  9. CristianFilingeri

    YouTube Help Of the 3 steps for monetizing the channel, ADSENSE is the only one in progress...

    Hi Guys and thank you for the opportunity of being a member of the family! I'm really getting mad about an issue i'm having on my channel, I've posted on the YouTube community to get help but i didn't receive answers. I hope you can give me some support to figure out what's happening. After i've...