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  1. maqex

    YouTube Tips Channel came with blessings

    I have four channels that I started several years ago and with no intention of becoming a Youtuber. My intention was to keep my lecture recorded somewhere so that would help me when I am retired and writing my books. When I checked my channels, the one that contained the intervention of my...
  2. maqex

    Affiliate Question READ FIRST if You're a New Affiliate or New to the Affiliate Forum?

    Hello Rob! I see that most of us feel quite welcome by your words. You create a friendly atmosphere where we can feel at home, ready to create good videos. I have 4 channels, most of them are for education, decolonisation and sharing indigenous wisdom from mature culture we have kept sacred and...
  3. maqex

    Educational Channel Original Instructions

    User name: maqex Title of introduction: Original Instructions Your name/ Alias: mqx Where are you from? From the Andean mountains and the Amazonian basin. How did you find TubeBuddy? I don't recall. I am happy I found it! Probably Google/ What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I want to...