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  1. KroniclePlayz_

    YouTube Help I want to make a video with gaming trailer footage. Will I get a copyright strike?

    I'm making a video about my 1 year on YouTube but I'm very confused about the copyright system. Will I get copyrighted if I use gaming trailer footage on YouTube. Thanks in advance!
  2. KroniclePlayz_

    Need Advice Best Tips for Gaming Channels to get more Views and Subscribers?

    I've been doing YouTube for a year and have gained over 288 subs, just want more tips for channel growth, especially for gaming. Thanks in advance!
  3. KroniclePlayz_

    Gaming Channel Hi everyone!

    Hi there! On my channel I do gaming walkthroughs.
  4. KroniclePlayz_

    Channel Review What will you change

    I would change the banner. There's more moblie users so fit the requirements. Hope this helped!
  5. KroniclePlayz_

    Gaming Channel Hi everyone!

    User name: KroniclePlayz_ Title of introduction: Hi everyone! Your name/ Alias: KroniclePlayz Where are you from? USA How did you find TubeBuddy? A YouTuber What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? To grow my channel and meet awesome people! What would you like to accomplish with your...