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  1. Chlo with the flow

    New podcast all about mental health is out now

    In this episode i share mental health tips and my experience! https://anchor.fm/chloemadeleine/embed/episodes/Mental-health-talk-with-Elisabeth-Acrylic-eoeqm7
  2. Chlo with the flow

    New video out now where i pull an allnighter

    In todays video i attempt to pull an allnighter on christmas it was a lot of fun and i hope you guys enjoy! View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13P950_OeRg
  3. Chlo with the flow

    New video on how i edit my thumbnails!

    This video i share a step by step tutorial on how i edit them. I hope you enjoy and check it out! View: https://youtu.be/g-A9i-e5Pcc
  4. Chlo with the flow

    My new youtube video on best podcasts to listen to is up!

    In this youtube video i share the best podcasts to listen to. I may or may not include tubebuddy podcast ahhaha. Would mean the world if you would check it out have an amazing day everyone! View: https://youtu.be/A8pvXnhFut8
  5. Chlo with the flow

    Who wants a free TubeBuddy upgrade?

    In my newest video im doing a giveaway where i give away a free TubeBuddy trial make sure to check it out! TubeBuddy GIVEAWAY VIDEO
  6. Chlo with the flow

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    HIII everyone here is my newest video that happens to be a TubeBuddy give away haha! View: https://youtu.be/tPcGs7jN6JE
  7. Chlo with the flow

    Affiliate Question READ FIRST if You're a New Affiliate or New to the Affiliate Forum?

    yay! just became an affiliate a few days ago and i love it! I love how you guys gave me resources on how to get people to click the link!
  8. Chlo with the flow

    Need Advice What TubeBuddy score should i get to use a title?

    Im not sure what score is good to use
  9. Chlo with the flow

    Affiliate Question How many free trials can u give away?

    I was wondering if you could give away more than one free trials.
  10. Chlo with the flow

    Channel Review I need an honest review on how i can improve my channel

    Wow thanks so soo much i will take everything you said and apply it!
  11. Chlo with the flow

    Thumbnail Feedback Too 'plain Jane'?

    I like it i would add the text in the middle to make it pop more
  12. Chlo with the flow

    YouTube Resources Does Tubebuddy really work?

    honestly i feel that that happens sometimes.
  13. Chlo with the flow

    YouTube Resources Does Tubebuddy really work?

    yesss when it is used correctly
  14. Chlo with the flow

    YouTube Question Why did you start a YouTube Channel?

    I started off my channel because i needed a way to exprese my self and something that i was passionate about that would help me with other things.
  15. Chlo with the flow

    YouTube SEO my YouTube channel is hard to find on the YouTube homepage

    I would focus on SEO and watch tube buddys videos on it!