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  1. PhotoJoseph

    Thumbnail Feedback Is YouTube downscaling 1920x1080 thumbnails to 1280x720?

    Hey folks. I've always uploaded thumbnails at 1920x1080, but have noticed a few times that when viewed large -- like when you load a video and see the thumb for a second or so before the video starts to play, or go to a youtube watch page and the video just doesn't play -- that it may look VERY...
  2. PhotoJoseph

    Need Advice Should I Put my Show's Name in Each Video Title?

    I have a question/looking for advice I do a live show every weekday, and I put the name and date of the show (ex: PhotoJoseph's Photo Moment 2017-XX-XX) in the title of every show. (This is something I've been doing since before I used TubeBuddy, so it became a bit of a habit). It uses 39...