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  1. Stanley Orchard

    Translations For Videos

    Had some requests to do a video about translating your captions/titles/deacriptions into other languages from some of the creators in our outdoors community. Step bybstep instructions and with info on how they impact your video performance. Sharing it here in case it helps anybody out. View...
  2. Stanley Orchard

    Other My Friend Got Swatted: Protect Yourself!

    Our community of fishing and outdoor YouTubers experienced a rash of livestreams getting swatted earlier this year and my friend was recently provided with the audio from the call. he put together this video to show people how horrible the experience was and to advise others to protect...
  3. Stanley Orchard

    In Progress Tag Issues on Mobile App

    User name: Stanley Orchard Title of thread: Tag Issues on Mobile Ap Request Type TubeBuddy Mobile Android or (Apple) IOS? Android What version of TubeBuddy Mobile? 2.3.0 Explain your issue: Two issues, may be tied together. First the ap is not showing tags for videos... it appears like...
  4. Stanley Orchard

    Fish Underwater 360° Video

    Experimenting with a new camera, any feedback is greatly appreciated! View:
  5. Stanley Orchard

    Ate a Jellyfish. Yup.

    We said we would do it if we hit 1k subscribers in less than a year, and we did that on day 364. So here it is; eating a jellyfish. View:
  6. Stanley Orchard

    1 Year Anniversary Special!

    Absolutely not-cringey-at-all look back at our first year on the Tube! View:
  7. Stanley Orchard

    Need Advice Monetization Timing

    I am curious... I would like to monetized most videos on my channel (50 subs away so I haven't actually experienced the process yet). I would like to monetize our videos a week after posting as a means of 1) helping their early performance for search/suggested and 2) reward our notification...
  8. Stanley Orchard

    Exploring Mustang Island State Park with Family

    Gearing up for a new season of fishing videos but before we do wanted to share one of our favorite places to explore... Mustang Island State Park! View:
  9. Stanley Orchard

    Giveaway and 1k Contest!

    Our channel has been growing fast in 2019... we jumped from 400 to 700 subscribers since December and recently surpassed 25,000 views. So in honor of those who have been so supportive of our channel and in support of those still coming we are holding a pair of contests. No catches, no...