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  1. xingcat

    I Can't Sleep! Pyxxi and Pyka

    Pyka is about to go to sleep, taking Edgar Bear, his favorite teddy bear, along with him. But Pyxxi thinks that teddy bears are for babies, and Pyka should be able to sleep without it. What kinds of strategies can Pyka employ to fall asleep? Counting sheep, maybe?
  2. xingcat

    Sell-Out? Sullivan Spaniel

    Sullivan meets up with Yellow Guy, who he has't seen in a while. Yellow Guy asks Sullivan to try some new dog food, and then asks him to tell the camera that it's the best food ever! Does that make him a sellout? What would it take for a not-so-famous dog to sell out, anyway?
  3. xingcat

    Complaints: George the Self Esteem Cat

    George and DOG are taking Mama George out for dinner! She says she is having a very good time, but she can't help herself from complaining about everything. Not big complaints, but little ones about the food and the service and the atmosphere. Sometimes, there are people who are not happy unless...
  4. xingcat

    I'm Not Touching You! Pyxxi and Pyka

    Pyxxi is a little annoyed by Pyka's favorite game, which he calls, "I'm not touching you!" Brothers can be such a pain sometimes! But Pyxxi has a way to get him back, which comes in the form of a very special robot!
  5. xingcat

    Space Camp! Sullivan Spaniel

    Sullivan thinks he has the best idea for becoming super-famous! He heard about this new thing called Space Force, and since he knows a space alien named Fwed, he thinks he can become the first Space Force captain, since Fwed already has his own spaceship! Fwed has other ideas about Space Force...
  6. xingcat

    How to Send Self Esteem: George the Self Esteem Cat

    George has a wonderful idea for helping to build up self esteem in his friends. He's going to send a text message to DOG for no reason other than to say that he loves and appreciates him as a friend. George calls this the "self esteem sneak attack," and he thinks it may catch on as a wonderful...
  7. xingcat

    Penny for Your Thoughts? Pyxxi and Pyka

    Pyka is sitting alone, thinking some thoughts to himself when Pyxxi arrives and offers a penny for his thoughts. He gives her the penny, and transfers a thought from his head to hers, then another, not-so-good thought escapes! What to do? Luckily, Pyxxi has a plan.
  8. xingcat

    Redshirt: Sullivan Spaniel

    Sullivan has heard some exciting Star Trek news! Patrick Stewart, the original Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation is coming back to the universe! He's going to be reprising his role on the Starship Enterprise and they're sending out a call for other crew members...
  9. xingcat

    Oxygen Mask: George the Self Esteem Cat

    George and DOG are taking their first airplane trip, and DOG doesn't feel he can be too cautious, so he's put on his own oxygen mask, even before the plane has taken off! While the flight attendants may tell you to put on your own oxygen mask first, this is also good advice for difficult times...
  10. xingcat

    Space! Pyxxi and Pyka

    Pyka is reading a book, but Pyxxi won't leave him alone. He says he needs his space, so Pyxxi sends him into OUTER SPACE! There, Pyka meets Fwed the alien in his spaceship and gets beamed from one place to another. Who knew outer space could be so much fun? And then, when he gets back to Earth...
  11. xingcat

    Autograph Hound: Sullivan Spaniel

    Sullivan's consultant has some great news! Sullivan has a super-fan who wants his autograph. He's such an autograph hound that he wants everything about Sullivan Spaniel's signature to be perfect for selling to other super-fans. Collecting autographs can be a fun hobby, but what happens when an...
  12. xingcat

    Pace Yourself! George the Self Esteem Cat

    George and DOG were about to start a video, but then a very busy Squirrel runs by. Squirrel is keeping himself awake with lots of sugar so that he can get a hundred projects going at once. However, if you over-extend yourself with projects, you won't have enough time to rest and recuperate, and...
  13. xingcat

    Feel the Beat! Pyxxi and Pyka

    Pyxxi is playing the drums on an old bucket she found and thinks she's making a pretty cool beat. Pyka stops by and she tells him that he should dance to this fabulous beat, so he goes and tries. Can Pyka feel the beat in his soul? Is there a secret to playing the drums in a way that you can...
  14. xingcat

    Hollywood Star? Sullivan Spaniel

    Sullivan's consultant has a brilliant idea. He wants Sullivan to get his own star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame! After all, all the famous people in California and all over the world want their very own Hollywood star, right? Though Sullivan thinks there's a whole process as to how to get a star...
  15. xingcat

    Beach Body (Body Positivity): George the Self Esteem Cat

    George and DOG are having a wonderful time on the beach! However, Rupert is a little bit worried that he's not looking like someone should to have what they call a "beach body." He thinks he may be a little too round to go on the beach! George is here to remind him and us that you have the body...
  16. xingcat

    Blanket Fort! Pyxxi and Pyka

    Pyxxi has an idea! She's going to build a fabulous blanket fort! To make a blanket fort or a pillow fort, all you need are blankets, pillows, sheets, or something to make the walls and maybe a few chairs or a table. Pyka has never been in a fort before, and nobody has seen a fort like this one...
  17. xingcat

    Learning My Lines: Sullivan Spaniel

    Sullivan has been cast in a play! And because of that, he has to memorize all his lines. Memorizing lines can be a hard thing for an actor to do, so he takes a lot of time to make sure he knows the script by heart. There are no cue cards for this famous actor! No sir!
  18. xingcat

    Pillow Fight! Pyxxi and Pyka

    Pyxxi has an idea for this week's adventure. She wants Pyka to participate in a pillow fight with her! However, Pyka doesn't like fights, so he decides to try something else...a pillow race! Can pillows run and race each other? There's only one way to find out!
  19. xingcat

    Drag Race Audition Video: Sullivan Spaniel

    Sullivan Spaniel wants to get on TV, so he has the perfect show to audition for. RuPaul's Drag Race! Sullivan thinks that he's the perfect drag queen for this show, because there's never been a dog queen on the show before, and RuPaul would think that he's unique and very talented! So he just...
  20. xingcat

    Feedback Sandwich: George the Self Esteem Cat

    George and DOG are here to tell us how to give feedback or to have difficult conversations with each other through the "feedback sandwich," or the "sandwich technique" of communication. To do this, think of constructive criticism as a sandwich, with positive feedback as the bread on both sides...