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    Subscriber Milestone I could finally beat my unluckiest number on youtube!

    I`ve been on Youtube for 2 years, with 2 channels. and I recent realized, that in both channels, i started to post less and lose a couple subs when i got to the 170 milestone This day, FOR THE FIRST TIME, i achieved 180 subscribers! That`s a huge number for me. I FINALLY could say that i beat my...
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    My First EVER Collab video with another youtuber <3

    So glad to be able to share this love of making videos with other people here! View:
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    Gaming Channel Anyone into CUBEWORLD?

    User name: GeekUp Title: Anyone into CUBEWORLD? Age: 22 Type of collaboration: Multiplayer in Cube World (other games are always welcomed too tho) Would like to avoid swearing as much as possible for the younger public aswell Amount of Subscribers: 173 Ways to contact you: Discord or thread...
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    Reddit`s discussion on One Piece latest chapter

    Predictions and discussions on Wano Act 3 of One Piece. View:
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    Gaming Channel GeekUp! Would love to play something with you.

    User name: GeekUp Title of introduction: GeekUp! Would love to play something with you. Your name/ Alias: Rodrigo Drumond Where are you from? Brazil (Livin in Canada) How did you find TubeBuddy? Found it in Reddit What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I want to find different people to...
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    Gaming Channel Long term awsome Friendship/Collab to play together!

    User name: GeekUp Title: Long term awsome Friendship/Collab to play together! Age: 21 Type of collaboration: I love to play every kind of thing. I`m seeking here someone who can enjoy and have some fun with me. My favorite games would be Minecraft, Dota, MMORPGs in general. But I`m willing to...