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  1. LenzCrazyMike

    Vlog Channel Hi There! My name is Michael my channel is called LenzCrazyMike

    Hi there!! My name is Michael, I am 19 years old and studying Mechanical Engineering at George Mason University. I bought a Go-pro and decided to jump out of my comfort zone and create a YouTube channel, so that's exactly what I did. My channel name is LenzCrazyMike. I've done kayaking, cycling...
  2. LenzCrazyMike

    Gear Question Is there a good go-pro vlogging setup

    Does anyone know if there is a good go-pro vlogging camera setup(with external mic) that isn't ridiculously expensive???????
  3. LenzCrazyMike

    Vlog Channel Looking for Collab with adventurers, vloggers, and outdoor sports channels

    I started a youtube channel a week ago and I am looking for likeminded channels to collab with and share viewers. I've done kayaking, cycling, hiking and plan to do a lot more adventurous activities. I will be embarking on a 60 day vlogging challenge (vlog everyday for 60 days) as well as the...