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  1. Damon

    Things You'd Carry to a Deserted Planet

    For me it's clean underwear. What about you? RULES: State what you'd take, and always ask, what about you?
  2. Damon

    Need Advice Multiple channels, Single Brand?

    First Thoughts I've asked about running multiple channels before, but what if you ran multiple channels under a single brand. For instance I have my main channel Black Warrior Lures that focuses on fishing adventures with rustic, elegant & low-cost traditional fishing methods that save people...
  3. Damon

    Beetle Fly Pattern

  4. Damon

    YouTube Help Link to the Official YouTube FTC/COPPA Complaint
  5. Damon

    YouTube News YouTube channel owners: Is your content directed to children?

    Straight from the horse's mouth. They clear up several things here: To summarize: "The Rule sets out additional factors the FTC will consider in determining whether your content is...
  6. Damon

    A Jug Fishing Adventure | Juggin'! S2-E12 | Blues on the Move?

  7. Damon

    Answered TB not Working Chrome

    User name: Damon Title of thread: TB not Working Chrome Request Type Browser Extension/TubeBuddy Website Tools What browser are you on? Chrome Studio Beta or Studio Classic? Studio Beta What version of TubeBuddy? 1.45.742 Is it related to a video? No Explain your issue: The TubeBuddy Keyword...
  8. Damon

    YouTube Opinion What YOUTUBE's Not Telling You About COPPA

  9. Damon

    YouTube Opinion Weaknesses of the FTC’s Case Against YouTube Content Creators

  10. Damon

    YouTube Question YouTube's COPPA Self Audit?

    I keep hearing that YouTube did a self audit. How do you know how your videos did in that audit?
  11. Damon

    YouTube Help COPPA Compliance Guide

    Might want to pin this Andrew. This is from the Federal Trade Commission's Web site regarding how to become Coppa Compliant: COPPA Compliance Portal Six Step COPPA Compliance Plan for your business...
  12. Damon

    YouTube News COPPA From The Federal Trade Commission's Perspective
  13. Damon

    YouTube News Gaming content is subject to COPPA as much as everything else

    View: Sorry but it looks like the worst is happening.
  14. Damon

    Life What's your favorite thing to do for Thanksgiving.

    For me it's pretty sit around and not do much, but mom usually out me to work in smoking the turkey.
  15. Damon

    YouTube Opinion Time for a YouTube Rating System?

    Given all that is happening over the COPPA regulations and YouTube, @Andrew proposed the idea of a rating system similar to what TV, movie and video games used to help consumers and governing authorities determine age appropriate guidelines for such types of content. I posted this over on the...
  16. Damon

    Cuban Yoyo Fishing Reels & Why I Make Them

  17. Damon

    YouTube News COPPA: everything you need to know

    Found this video that explains things pretty well. This fellow used to be a lawyer: View:
  18. Damon

    TubeBuddy Forum Suggestion Classified Ads Gear Section?

    I'm about to buy a new camera and rebuild my computer. I was wondering if there could be a classified ads, want-to-buy, or want-to-sell section in the gear section of the forum? Personal items only related to online content production. Nothing commercial. I would imagine for some a GH4 would be...
  19. Damon

    YouTube Question Businesses Outside YouTube

    I'd be cool to have a discussion about people how have a business outside YouTube. In other words the main goal of YouTube is really using it as a marketing tool for your business. Basically I run and online custom fishing tackle shop. The fishing videos, tutorials really all point to the...