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    Subscriber Milestone I could finally beat my unluckiest number on youtube!

    woah it`s true! I didn`t realize i was this close <3
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    Subscriber Milestone I could finally beat my unluckiest number on youtube!

    I`ve been on Youtube for 2 years, with 2 channels. and I recent realized, that in both channels, i started to post less and lose a couple subs when i got to the 170 milestone This day, FOR THE FIRST TIME, i achieved 180 subscribers! That`s a huge number for me. I FINALLY could say that i beat my...
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    My First EVER Collab video with another youtuber <3

    So glad to be able to share this love of making videos with other people here! View:
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    Gaming Channel Anyone into CUBEWORLD?

    User name: GeekUp Title: Anyone into CUBEWORLD? Age: 22 Type of collaboration: Multiplayer in Cube World (other games are always welcomed too tho) Would like to avoid swearing as much as possible for the younger public aswell Amount of Subscribers: 173 Ways to contact you: Discord or thread...
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    A Lag Switcher Demogorgon? Is it Legit? | Dead by Daylight

    how the hell he did that?!? lol nice video Breakie, loved the quality of it. Actually it inspired me to make one video of DbD too hahahah even tho im a total newbie..
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    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    Have you ever imagined what a Yugioh Pokemon official team would look like? :blush: View:
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    Reddit`s discussion on One Piece latest chapter

    Predictions and discussions on Wano Act 3 of One Piece. View:
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    Subscriber Milestone Finally made it.

    That`s amazing man! we all know the first 20 are a REAL struggle to get :) I still remember every single of their nickames hahahahah you did great, please keep doing your best from now on! :D
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    Video Review Looking for some Strong Honest Feedback

    Hey Mythical Dwellers!! funny enough, I had seen this exact video 3 weeks ago through my recomendations. I`m kinda aware of the effort done by just cropping, placing animations, editting our voice, and synching everything in a natural way. In case you want to give a step even further, I would...
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    Who Can Post Last?

    *brazilian amazonia tumbleweed on fire*
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    Let's count to 10,000 :D

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    Gaming Channel Hello everyone!!

    Hey HiddenHunters, hope you can find good people around here!! Checked your channel, and enjoyed it a lot! big fan of Age of Empires here hahahah, loved this video in particular
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    Gaming Channel GeekUp! Would love to play something with you.

    100% chance this is going to melt my heart First 3 chapters and i`m already in love :joy::heart:
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    Gaming Channel GeekUp! Would love to play something with you.

    Hey Ikerot! Sorry for the late man! I loved the "stopping at the giant mermaid princess" cause that`s probably the worst season for most of us hahahaahah I love anime anime in general hahah. I`ve recently been addicted to Demon Slayer and ansiously waiting for My Hero Academia`s new season...
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    Gaming Channel GeekUp! Would love to play something with you.

    User name: GeekUp Title of introduction: GeekUp! Would love to play something with you. Your name/ Alias: Rodrigo Drumond Where are you from? Brazil (Livin in Canada) How did you find TubeBuddy? Found it in Reddit What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I want to find different people to...
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    Gaming Channel Breakie The Dragon

    Man, I loved your goal :D also amazing art in your channel Hope that you can have a good time around here aswell!
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    Gaming Channel Hi gyes my name is Endi i am new on the comunity

    Woah! Kosovo? that`s really cool, first person i heard from this country :D Wish you the best of luck around here my fellow gamer hahah
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    Gaming Channel Looking for a friend group / collaboration group!

    It sounds cool man! Would love to participate
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    Gaming Channel Long term awsome Friendship/Collab to play together!

    User name: GeekUp Title: Long term awsome Friendship/Collab to play together! Age: 21 Type of collaboration: I love to play every kind of thing. I`m seeking here someone who can enjoy and have some fun with me. My favorite games would be Minecraft, Dota, MMORPGs in general. But I`m willing to...