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  1. Paul

    YouTube Help Creator Insider News Flash! - Strengthening Community Guidelines, Thumbnail A/B experiment, and new Studio Beta feature

    Strengthening Community Guidelines, Thumbnail A/B experiment, and new Studio Beta features! In today's News Flash video, Tom from from the YouTube Team talks about the YouTube Community Guidelines Enforcement Expectations and more YouTube updates: View:
  2. Paul

    YouTube Help Sub Boxes Experiment, Auto-Tweet Deprecation, and Game Title FINALLY in Studio Beta

    Here's the latest News Flash from Creator Insider 1-15-2019 . In this episode Tom talks about a new Sub boxes experiment, The deprecation of Auto-Tweets and Game Titles being added into the Studio Beta: View:
  3. Paul

    YouTube News Has Youtube's Studio Beta become slugish for you?

    I've been using the new studio beta more and more. But, lately it is just seems to be super slugish. Loading is taking too long. But the Studio Classic is as fast as ever for me... I'm running Windows 10 and Chrome. Anyone else seeing this? And what OS and Browser are you using? Thanks, -Paul
  4. Paul

    Channel Milestone 7,000,000 Views!!!!

    Well I just hit 7,000,000 Views!!!! :party::cool:
  5. Paul

    YouTube News Anyone else keep getting logged out on YouTube?

    Just the last couple of day's I've been getting logged out randomly on YouTube. I do have a couple windows open with YT in them. Never was a problem before... Anyone else seeing this? I'm running Chrome - Windows 10 Another thing I've noticed is that on my video edit page, whenever I go to the...
  6. Paul

    Subscriber Milestone 30,000 Subscribers!!!!

    Just wanted to say thank you to all of you for your support and all the tips and information you share here on the TubeBuddy forum!
  7. Paul

    Fortnite Fail Drywall Repair for Angry Gamers

    Fortnite Fail Drywall Repair for Angry Gamers View:
  8. Paul

    Easiest way to apply drywall tape to a walls inside corners

    In todays video Im going to show you the easiest way to apply drywall tape to a walls inside corners for beginners. This inside corner technique is great for the DIYer when it comes to doing inside drywall corners. You can get a perfect inside corner every time. Easiest way to apply drywall...
  9. Paul

    YouTube Tips New Analytic Metrics coming- Impressions, CTR & more....

    This could be big! :cool: Let me know what you think about these new Youtube Analytic Metrics? Impressions, CTR , Unique Viewers & more...
  10. Paul

    YouTube Tips TubeBuddy Mobile - Now Available on iPhone

    In case you haven't heard? Just out today 2/27/2018 :cool: TubeBuddy Mobile - Now Available on iPhone
  11. Paul

    What is Skim Coating?

    What is Skim Coating? Also known as a level five drywall finish. In this video I'm going to take an in-depth look at the technique of skim coating. I get a lot of questions on all of my skim coating videos when should I apply skim coat? how do I mix the skim coating mud? how do I apply a skim...
  12. Paul

    How to repair a cracked drywall ceiling with this trick | So that crack never comes back!

    In this video I'm going to be repairing a cracked drywall ceiling. I'll show you a little trick to keep this a small ceiling repair instead of a bunch of tearing out drywall and reinstalling drywall on the ceiling. I'll also be using 5 minute hot mud to do the first coat of the drywall...
  13. Paul

    TubeBuddy Tips Today's TubeBuddy Livestream--> Just in case you missed it!

    Today's TubeBuddy Livestream (11-8-2017) was Hosted by Owen Hemsath How to Setup, a Daily TubeBuddy Workflow In today's video Owen Hemsath will shares you his top strategies on how to setup a daily TubeBuddy workflow.
  14. Paul

    TubeBuddy Tips OMG!!! (Must Watch) from Vid Summit 2017- Creative Tactics to Leverage The YouTube Algorithm

    A must watch with several golden nuggets from Derral Eves Livestream replay @ VidSummit 2017!!!:cool: