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  1. JasonL

    Camera Bags!

    Recently upgraded my Camera Bag and made a video our my journey through various bags to the new one. :)
  2. JasonL

    Thumbnail Feedback How can I improve this Thumbnail

    Perhaps a catchy tag line, right on the picture, seeing as you are changing the tires..."Tire Change Season!" or something?
  3. JasonL

    Official How do I get My TubeBuddy User Rank Ribbons (Forum Badges)?

    Permission to post...hope this is right. :P
  4. JasonL

    Vlog Channel So it begins...

    Thanks for the welcome Andrew! You are right, good bunch to learn about TubeBuddy from! I've always loved photography, was always drawn to it but never really invested time in it, but a few years ago I was attending and writing about concerts and then I started to shoot them too. Then I...
  5. JasonL

    Vlog Channel So it begins...

    User name: JasonL Title of introduction: So it begins... Your name/ Alias: Jason Where are you from? Moncton, New Brunswick - Canada (East Coast!) How did you find TubeBuddy? Dee & Nick Nimmin, Brian G. Johnson...and so many more. What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? Just signed up for...